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SEC Would Like to Make it Easier to Offer Stock to Gig Workers

Jan 12,2021 | Barbara Baksa

Does your ride-share driver have stock options? Does the person who delivered your dinner last night have RSUs? They don't right now, but under a new SEC proposal, they might be able to receive equity awards in the future.


5 Tips for 2020 Tax Reporting

Jan 07,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

Tips to avoid tax reporting errors, including those for tricky situations like divorce and death.


SEC Allows Electronic Signatures for Forms 3, 4, and 5

Jan 05,2021 | Barbara Baksa

The SEC has updated the signature requirements for Forms 3, 4, and 5 to allow electronic signatures and to allow electronic copies of the forms to be retained.


SEC Proposes Updates to Rule 701

Dec 22,2020 | Barbara Baksa

The SEC looks to make it easier for private companies to issue compensatory equity awards to employees and other service providers, including increasing issuance limits and simplifying required disclosures.


Cash or RSUs? Boeing Scraps Pay Increases in Favor of RSUs for 2021

Dec 17,2020 | Jennifer Namazi

In a move that conserves cash and delivers value via stock compensation, Boeing opts to give RSUs in lieu of pay increases for 2021.


5 Trends in Stock Ownership Guidelines

Dec 15,2020 | Barbara Baksa

Key trends in stock ownership guidelines, including who they apply to, how much stock must be owned, and what equity arrangements count towards ownership levels. Also, ways to mitigate the impact of stock price volatility on executives who must comply with ownership guidelines.


SEC Proposes Updates to Form S-8

Dec 08,2020 | Barbara Baksa

Under a new SEC proposal, companies could file a single Form S-8 that covers all their stock plans. Here's a summary of the proposal.


Accounting for Accelerating Service Conditions of Performance Awards

Dec 03,2020 | Barbara Baksa

How to account for the waiver/removal of service conditions from a performance award in connection with termination of employment--explained in fewer than 75 words.


Hot or Not? Year End Plan Administration Topics

Dec 01,2020 | Jennifer Namazi

Let us know what's weighing most on your mind as year-end approaches.

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