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5 Trends in Stock Plan Administration Staffing and Practices

Oct 15,2020 | Barbara Baksa

Does stock plan administration have a home? This and four other trends from the NASPP/Deloitte Consulting 2020 Domestic Stock Plan Administration Survey.


Trends: 2020 Aggregate Share-Based Compensation

Oct 13,2020 | Jennifer Namazi

FW Cook publishes their 2020 report on Aggregate Share-Based Compensation, highlighting share usage trends for 300 sampled companies.


Optimizing Equity Awards in a Down Market

Oct 08,2020 | Jennifer Namazi

Insights into creative accounting approaches companies can use to restore broken incentives and insulate against future market shockwaves.


2 Reasons Multiday Averages Make Sense for Grant Sizing

Oct 06,2020 | Barbara Baksa

Using a multiday average FMV to determine how many shares to grant can result in a more equitable stock compensation program and make forecasting share usage easier.


A Tale of Three Employee Education Programs

Sep 29,2020 | Barbara Baksa

How Nvidia, Cisco, and Nike are taking participant stock plan education to the next level!


Hot or Not? What's Trending this Fall?

Sep 24,2020 | Jennifer Namazi

It's hard to believe that fall is upon us and the 4th quarter of 2020 is just around the corner. Typically, companies would begin to turn attention towards the usual year-end planning processes.  Of course, this year is like no other. So the idea of "usual" is already out the window. If you're like me, you've had days where there was so much to think about that the overwhelm sets in.  15 Seconds is All it Takes This fall we want to bring you the insights on what really matters to you right now. That's why I need your help. Could you take  15 seconds to sha...


Using Data for Better Employee Retention: 5 Things to Know

Sep 22,2020 | Barbara Baksa

How you can use employee data that you already have to make better decisions about equity awards.


3 Things to Have on Your Stock Plan Radar

Sep 17,2020 | Jennifer Namazi

3 things you'll want to have on your stock plan radar this fall.


5 Seconds, 5 Nuggets to Transform Your Life

Sep 15,2020 | Jennifer Namazi

Learn how to dramatically impact your work and life in just 5 seconds. Plus, additional insights on how to elevate your visibility within your organization and avoid derailment of priorities.

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