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Could Fractional Shares Benefit Your Stock Plan Participants?

Sep 22,2021 | Barbara Baksa

You may have dreaded fractions in math class, but they can be a real benefit when it comes to your stock plans. Learn how fractional shares can increase the value delivered to participants.


How to Size Relative TSR Grants with a Stub Period

Sep 16,2021 | Terry Adamson, Technical Compensation Advisors

Granting relative TSR awards after the start of the performance measurement period results in a "sub period" that can have an outsized impact on the award value, and, consequently, the grant size. Here’s how to ensure employees are treated fairly.


PSUs and a $640,000 Mistake

Sep 14,2021 | Barbara Baksa

A 2018 payout of PSUs to the CEO of Capital One resulted in a nearly $640,000 penalty levied this month by the FTC and DOJ. The Hart-Scott-Rodino Act is a trap for unwary executives; here’s what you need to know about it.


Getting a Gauge on Grant Practices

Sep 09,2021 | Emily Cervino, Fidelity Stock Plan Services

What discretionary authority do managers have over equity awards? And what controls govern the use of that discretion?


SEC Committee Recommends Reforms to Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans

Sep 03,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

An SEC committee recommends updates to Rule 10b5-1, paving the way for proposed rules as early as this fall.


Do You Need a Policy to Address Shadow Trading?

Aug 31,2021 | Barbara Baksa

Can employees be prosecuted for trading in a competitor company’s stock? The SEC thinks so.


Post-Insider Reporting, Part 2

Aug 24,2021 | Barbara Baksa

More questions and answers on Section 16 reporting for former insiders, plus an quick-reference table to keep handy.


What Reporting Is Required for Former Section 16 Insiders?

Aug 18,2021 | Barbara Baksa

When officers and directors cease to be subject to Section 16, the rules governing which of their transactions are still subject to reporting are complicated. Make sense of them with this blog entry.


Equity Disclosures: Calculating Weighted Averages

Aug 13,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

The difference between simple and weighted averages explained, plus examples of how they applies to equity compensation disclosures.

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