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Three Reasons to Be a Mentor

Jun 18,2021 | Barbara Baksa

Being a mentor has its advantages—here are three of them. (Plus a bonus—it’s rewarding!)


Next Generation Performance Awards

Jun 15,2021 | Barbara Baksa

Four ideas to consider for performance-based equity awards.


Understanding SPACs and Equity Compensation

Jun 08,2021 | Barbara Baksa

What is a SPAC, could it happen to your company, and how does it affect equity compensation?


What Ever Happened to That SEC Proposal?

Jun 03,2021 | Barbara Baksa

An update on what’s happening with various SEC proposals related to stock compensation.


5 Things to Know About Mobility Compliance for Remote Workers

May 27,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

More workers than ever are now remote from their company location. This newfound flexibility is giving rise to increased employee mobility. Find out what every company should know as they adapt compliance practices for this growing mobile population.


5 Tactics to Help Employees Make Smarter Financial Decisions

May 25,2021 | Barbara Baksa

You can help your employees make smarter decisions with their equity awards—here are five tactics to try. Plus, three tips to get company leadership to support the program.


Say-on-Pay Failed Votes Double in 2021: 4 Things to Know

May 21,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

The number of companies with failing say-on-pay votes has doubled this year. Here are 4 things to know about this record-setting number of failed votes.


ISS Updates Policy on Stock Ownership Guidelines

May 18,2021 | Barbara Baksa

ISS will no longer give credit for stock ownership guidelines that count unearned performance awards or unexercised stock options (or any portion thereof) among executive ownership levels.


Navigating Public Perception Around Rule 10b5-1 Plan Transactions

May 14,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

Your executive adopts a well-intentioned 10b5-1 plan to avoid potential accusations of insider trading. Yet, the public still views plan trades as ill-timed. See how 10b5-1 plans sometimes get a bad rep, along with ideas on how to improve public perception around plan trades.

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