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  • Winter Advisor - Thumbnail - Business meeting
    NASPP Advisor: Winter 2023
    Using the PvP disclosure to inform pay decisions, consolidating RSU payout events, trends in qualified ESPPs, a checklist of year-end procedures, and more.
  • Advisor Thumbnail - the word Value stacked on top of bar chart of coins
    NASPP Advisor: Summer 2023
    Redefining FMV for better tax withholding processes, accommodating employee requests for additional withholding, grant acceptance policies, and more.
  • Business people looking at laptop
    NASPP Advisor: Spring 2023
    Three practices that can cause pay misalignments and strategies to identify and prevent imbalances. Plus ten steps to build a business case for budget and resources and best practices for grant policies.
  • Advisor - Fall 2022 Thumbnail
    NASPP Advisor: Fall 2022
    The feature article in this issue covers how to manage dilution and burn rates when your stock price is in decline. The Top Ten List inventories why stock plan transactions should not be scheduled for December 31 and Administrators Corner explains how to audit tax data. Plus, the latest SEC rulemaking.
  • Businesswoman standing pointing at charts on a screen
    NASPP Advisor: Summer 2022
    The feature article in this issue presents tips for creating a scorecard to use to report on your stock plan to management and our Top Ten List suggests metrics to include in your scorecard. Administrators Corner helps you fix mistakes in your participant communication strategy. Plus trends in performance awards and the latest news and developments affecting stock plans.
  • Thumbnail - Three coworkers having a discussion
    NASPP Advisor: Spring 2022
    Ideas to remove barriers that prevent employees from participating in ESPPs. Plus ten reasons to consider a nonqualified ESPP and how to make your purchase process a little less hectic.
  • Advisor Winter 2022 - Thumbnail
    NASPP Advisor: Winter 2022
    Take a deep dive into the fiscal ramifications of spring-loaded grants and learn how to enhance your grant procedures to avoid a costly surprise. Plus ten ways to scrutiny-proof your grant procedures and a tool for keeping track of the myriad of provisions in your grant agreements.
  • Advisor - Fall 2021 Feature Article
    NASPP Advisor: Fall 2021
    Explore five trends in the use of equity compensation at public companies that you may wish to consider for your own company. Plus guidance on how to establish a framework for addressing errors and anomalies in stock plan records, audits and controls that you can easily implement for financial reports, and data on how companies define retirement and treat equity awards upon retirement.
  • Advisor Summer 2021 - Thumb
    NASPP Advisor: Summer 2021
    This edition takes aim at participant education, featuring how T-Mobile engages its 75,000 stock plan participants. Also find out the top ten mistakes employees make (and how to prevent them) and tips for more successful participant email campaigns and presentations. Plus developments on President Biden's tax proposals and SEC Chair Gensler's comments on Rule 10b5-1 plans.
  • Advisor Spring 2021 - Feature Article Thumb
    NASPP Advisor: Spring 2021
    The remote work age is here. Are you prepared? This employee mobility special edition demonstrates how compliance programs need to shift in response to COVID, including tax consequences for emerging types of mobile employees. Find out how to build a modern mobility compliance program using trends in remote working policies. Plus other news, including the recent spate of SPACs, new ideas for clawbacks and ownership guidelines, tax developments, and trends in equity award usage.
  • Advisor Winter 2021 - Thumb - Feature Article
    NASPP Advisor: Winter 2021
    Take a deep dive into all things ESPP. From new data including how ESPP participation correlates with 401(k) participation to ten ways to make ESPP administration easier, this issue takes a sophisticated look at all the things you’ve been wondering about ESPPs. Plus get updates on tax season, the SEC’s new Form S-8 and Rule 701 proposals, and more.
  • Advisor Fall 2020 - Thumbnail
    NASPP Advisor: Fall 2020
    Take focus on what stock plan professionals need to do to prepare ourselves to survive year-end, and future-proof equity plans for uncertainty that lies ahead. Learn how how statistical modeling can be used to set and rigor-test performance metrics, what you need to consider for next year's annual awards, and how COVID-19 is changing equity awards processes.
  • Advisor Summer 2020 - Thumb - Feature Article
    NASPP Advisor: Summer 2020
    A special technology edition focused on how AI and other emerging tech could transform how you administer your stock plans, improve efficiencies, and enable your work from home. Plus insights on the equity practices of tech companies.
  • Advisor Spring 2020 - Thumbnail - Feature Article
    NASPP Advisor: Spring 2020
    A COVID-19 spotlight edition discussing how to recession-proof your equity award program, 25 ways economic volatility is affecting equity award programs, and five hacks for working at home. Plus what law and consulting firms offer as guidance on COVID-19 and equity compensation.
  • Advisor Winter 2020 - Thumbnail - Feature Article
    NASPP Advisor: Winter 2020
    Are your performance awards performing? In this issue, experts examine the various purposes for which performance awards are reported. Also explore key trends discovered from the NASPP and Deloitte Consulting Stock Plan Design Survey, plus important considerations for divorce transfer policies, proposed Section 162(m) regulations, the new Form W-4, ISS policy changes for 2020, the use of RSUs for inducement grants, considerations for "Cadillac" ESPPs, and more.

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