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Valuation 101: Don't Know Lattice from Lettuce

Aug 15,2019 | Josh Schaeffer, Equity Methods

Josh Schaeffer of Equity Methods why equity awards sometimes result in sticker shock and how understanding valuation models is easier than you think!


Pay Equity and New Hire Stock Grants

Aug 14,2019 | Tauseef Rahman, Mercer

Tauseef Rahman of Mercer explains why stock awards can have a significant impact on pay equity and what you can do to ensure that stock awards are equitable.


Emerging Equity Plan Trends

Aug 13,2019 | Leah Dela Cruz, ISS Corporate Solutions

Leah Dela Cruz of ISS Corporate Solutions on what companies need to do to prepare to submit their stock plans for shareholder approval.


Top 5 "Gotchas" for Stock-Based Expense Errors

Aug 08,2019 | Laura Verri, Armanino

Laura Verri of Armanino explains how to get ahead of expensing errors with proper planning, documentation, and collaboration.


ESPP Innovation: Helping Employees Participate

Aug 07,2019 | Aaron Shapiro, Carver Edison

Aaron Shapiro of Carver Edison on why now is a good time to focus on increasing participation in your ESPP.


Retention and Equity: Is There a Correlation?

Aug 06,2019 | Jennifer Link, KPMG

Jennifer Link of KPMG on using data you already have to improve employee retention.


Lost in Translation: How to Increase Engagement in Participant Communications

Aug 01,2019 | Eric Deen, Certent

Eric Deen of Certent suggests one way to get employees to show up for stock plan education sessions and a mistake to avoid with your stock plan education program.


High-Risk, High-Reward: XSPP and the Future of Broad-Based Equity

Jul 31,2019 | Jon Burg, Infinite Equity

Jon Burg of Infinite Equity explains why you shouldn't be afraid reexamine your stock compensation program. Plus, how FAS 123(R) helped his career.


TSR in the Face of Volatility

Jul 30,2019 | Terry Adamson

Terry Adamson explains why indices aren't a great solution for relative TSR plans. Plus, something you've never heard that could significantly improve the performance of your TSR plan.

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