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Withholding Requirements for Non-US Directors

Jun 19,2018 | Barbara Baksa

When nonemployee directors reside outside the United States, companies may have to withhold US federal income tax on compensation paid to them.


Director Pay: The Next Wave of Reform?

Jun 14,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

Recent litigation outcomes around the pay of non-employee directors could indicate a new trend in compensation reform.


Withholding for Outside Directors—Pennsylvania-Style

Jun 12,2018 | Barbara Baksa

A new law in Pennsylvania could require companies to withhold PA personal income tax on compensation paid to nonresident outside directors and other nonemployees.


Clawbacks: Trending Now?

Jun 08,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

While we still await final clawback rules, some recent articles have brought forth new ideas and advocacy for implementing a broad policy now. Does this mean the topic of clawbacks deserves the hashtag #trending?  


CEO Pay Ratio Taxes: More States Get on the Bandwagon

Jun 05,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Six states would like to impose additional taxes on companies with high CEO pay ratios. Does your company do business in any of them?


Say No to Withholding Taxes for Outside Directors (and Other Nonemployees)

May 30,2018 | Barbara Baksa

An explanation of why you can't withhold taxes for outside directors (and other nonemployees), no matter how much they might want you to.


ESPP Plans: Upping Participation Rates - Part 2

May 24,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

While it seems that many companies recognize the value of offering an employee stock purchase plan to employees, some struggle with participation rates. In the second of this two part blog installment, we explore ideas for creating a communication strategy that drives participation.


The NASPP Welcomes Deborah Rodney

May 22,2018 | Barbara Baksa

The NASPP is pleased to welcome Deborah Rodney as the newest member of our team.


Rule 701 Enforcement Action

May 22,2018 | Barbara Baksa

It’s not often that Rule 701 makes the news, but it did earlier this year when the SEC brought an enforcement action over a private company’s failure to comply with the requirements of the rule.

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