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Employee Communications: What's Your Plan?

Sep 20,2018 | Michelle Tomasetti of CompIntelligence

Michelle Tomasetti of CompIntelligence on why it's important to collect employee feedback on your stock plan education program.


10 Things to Do at #NASPP26

Sep 19,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Here are ten things that you should make sure are on your list for the 26th Annual NASPP Conference in San Diego. You're gonna love #8!


The Impact of Tax Reform on Incentive Compensation

Sep 18,2018 | Sean Trotman of Deloitte Tax

Sean Trotman of Deloitte Tax on the dangers of not fully understanding how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impacts your company's stock compensation program. Also, two don't-miss things to do next week in San Diego.


New Tax Laws, Same Uncertainty: The Global Context

Sep 13,2018 | Nicholas Greenacre of White & Case LLP

Nicholas Greenacre of White & Case LLP on why you need to keep up to date on changes tax law, but in the United States and globally. Also, why he is planning on keeping his day job.


Going Global: Implementing a Global Stock Plan

Sep 11,2018 | Juliette Senior-McKay of Genpact

Juliette Senior-McKay of Genpact explains why globalizing your stock plan is important to employee recruitment and retention and offers a suggestion to make your global equity award more effective.


The Section 162(m) Grandfather and Material Modifications

Sep 07,2018 | Barbara Baksa

What is considered a material modification for purposes of the Section 162(m) grandfather provision under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?


The Section 162(m) Grandfather and Negative Discretion

Sep 05,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Are performance awards that are subject to negative discretion grandfathered out of amended Section 162(m)? Here's what Notice 2018-68 says about it and how the language in the notice is being interpreted.


The Aftermath of FASB Standard-Setting

Aug 30,2018 | Takis Makridis of Equity Methods

Takis Makridis of Equity Methods on why your stock plan should be part of your company's financial forecast and the silver lining to FASB's recent accounting standards updates relating to stock compensation.


It's Here! Guidance on Section 162(m) and the TCJA

Aug 28,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Last week, the IRS and Treasury issued Notice 2018-68, to provide guidance on Section 162(m) as amended by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Here are five things to know about it.

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