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Proxy Stock Plan Proposals: Results

Nov 15,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

An analysis of stock plan proposals in the tech sector.


Section 162(m), Material Modifications, and Acceleration of Vesting

Nov 13,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Is acceleration of vesting a material modification for purposes of Section 162(m)? The answer might surprise you.


Year End Checklist: 3 Things to Add

Nov 08,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

Whether you have a year-end checklist or are just getting started with one, we offer three sometimes overlooked items to add to the list.


Equity Compensation and the Gender Pay Gap

Nov 06,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Recent studies look at whether men or women get more equity in start-ups and which gender realizes more gain on option exercises. You might be surprised by the results of at least one of these studies.


Year-End Tax Updates

Oct 30,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Tax updates on the Social Security wage base, the new postcard-sized Form 1040, and filing Forms 1099-MISC late.


Insider Trading: The SEC's Interest in Social Media Activity

Oct 25,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

A $40 million tweet, the SEC's solicitation of a social media monitoring solution, and more.


New Section 162(m): Who’s Covered?

Oct 23,2018 | Barbara Baksa

A look at who is covered under new Section 162(m), as amended by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and how the grandfather provision applies to newly covered executives' awards.


Perceived Value of Your Stock Plan: What Really Drives It?

Oct 18,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

We generally know that we should care about what employees think of their stock plan grants/awards in terms of value, yet do we understand what really drives this value?


Getting Ready to Comply with the New Section 162(m)

Oct 16,2018 | Barbara Baksa

How the grandfather provision in the new Section 162(m), as amended under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, applies to stock compensation and why you're going to need to keep track of which awards are grandfathered for possibly many years to come.

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