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Perceived Value of Your Stock Plan: What Really Drives It?

Oct 18,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

We generally know that we should care about what employees think of their stock plan grants/awards in terms of value, yet do we understand what really drives this value?


Getting Ready to Comply with the New Section 162(m)

Oct 16,2018 | Barbara Baksa

How the grandfather provision in the new Section 162(m), as amended under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, applies to stock compensation and why you're going to need to keep track of which awards are grandfathered for possibly many years to come.


CEO Pay Ratio: Will Year 2 Be More Complex?

Oct 11,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

Many thought that the first year of disclosing the CEO's ratio of pay relative to that of the median employee would be the most challenging. Is it possible that year 2 could be just as or more complex?


Five Things About Your ESPP to Report to Management

Oct 09,2018 | Barbara Baksa

You probably prepare a report for your management team after every purchase in your ESPP. Here are five things it should include (you definitely don't want to forget about #5).


NASPP Comment Letter on SEC Concept Release

Oct 03,2018 | Barbara Baksa

The NASPP submitted a comment letter on the SEC's concept release proposing changes to Rule 701 and Form S-8. Here's a summary of what we had to say.


More Scenes from the 26th Annual NASPP Conference

Sep 27,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Scenes from the keynote and sessions at the 26th Annual NASPP Conference.


Scenes from the 26th Annual NASPP Conference

Sep 26,2018 | Barbara Baksa

The 26th Annual NASPP Conference has kicked off to a fantastic start! Here are a few scenes from opening day,


Employee Communications: What's Your Plan?

Sep 20,2018 | Michelle Tomasetti of CompIntelligence

Michelle Tomasetti of CompIntelligence on why it's important to collect employee feedback on your stock plan education program.


10 Things to Do at #NASPP26

Sep 19,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Here are ten things that you should make sure are on your list for the 26th Annual NASPP Conference in San Diego. You're gonna love #8!

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