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Tax Information Resources for Participants

Mar 22,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

It's that time of the year when tax questions begin to surge as employers have completed their income and tax reporting, and stock plan participants are muddling through their tax paperwork. In today's blog we explore resources to help address those inevitable tax questions that will come to your inbox. 


Hot or Not?

Mar 15,2018 | Barbara Baksa

The NASPP needs your input! Help us select topics for the 26th Annual NASPP Conference in San Diego.


5 Quick Tips to Maximizing Your NASPP Website Experience

Mar 13,2018 | Jennifer Namazi

Find out some quick steps you can take to get the most out of your NASPP website experience.


Ten Things About Qualified ESPPs

Mar 06,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Ten statistics about ESPPs, including trends in plan prevalence, discounts and offering periods, participation rates, and employee selling behavior.


What You Need to Know About Excess Tax Withholding

Mar 01,2018 | Barbara Baksa

NASPP members frequently ask whether it is permissible to withhold federal income taxes at a rate higher than the flat rates applicable to supplemental payments. Here is what you need to know about this practice.


Performance Awards and the ISS Burn Rate Calculation

Feb 27,2018 | Barbara Baksa

For today’s blog entry, Barbara Baksa continues her series on ways to count performance award and takes a look at how performance awards are included in the ISS burn rate calculation.


Does Your Clawback Policy Have Enough Teeth?

Feb 22,2018 | Barbara Baksa

Since 2010, we've seen an increase of over 100% in companies that report that their equity awards are subject to clawback policies. But is this enough? Or is quality more important than quantity when it comes to clawbacks?


How Does Your Pay Ratio Stack Up?

Feb 15,2018 | Barbara Baksa

A recent report from Equilar provides insight into what we can expect to see in the first round of CEO pay ratio disclosures. Find out how your company's ratio compares.


Love and Stock Plans

Feb 14,2018 | Barbara Baksa

You probably didn't think that Valentine's Day and equity compensation go hand-in-hand. Turns out, they do.

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