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Course: Financial Reporting for Stock Compensation 2019

Financial Reporting for Stock Compensation 2019

NASPP University

Financial Reporting for Stock Compensation will help you become knowledgeable in all aspects of stock plan accounting, calculating basic and diluted EPS, and accounting for tax effects.

Class Schedule

Webcast 1 - Introduction & ASC 718
The first webcast of this program will provide an introduction to company financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow. We'll describe the mechanics of ASC 718, including expense calculations, attribution, and accounting for performance awards, then highlight where the numbers flow into the financial statements.

2.00 hours of continuting education for CEPs

Webcast 2 - Tax Accounting & Earnings Per Share
In our second webcast we’ll focus on income tax accounting for equity compensation, starting with booking deferred tax assets, then moving on to understanding the tax provision and permanent versus temporary differences. This session will also provide an overview of basic earnings per share (EPS) and calculating diluted EPS using the treasury stock method.

​2.00 hours of continuting education for CEPs

Webcast 3 - Advanced Topics
The third session in this series will cover advanced accounting topics, including modification of equity awards, corporate transactions (both business combinations and spinoffs), advanced performance awards, disclosures relative to performance award metrics, ESPPs, non-employee arrangements and MD&A disclosures.

​2.00 hours of continuting education for CEPs

Webcast 4 - Proxy Reporting
The final webcast in this series will focus on proxy reporting, covering the various components of the proxy statement, including tables disclosing executive and director compensation, disclosures relative to late Form 4 filings and proposals for equity plan amendments.

​2.00 hours of continuting education for CEPs


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