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  • CEP Level 1 (ECA) Study Group
    Get direct insight into CEP Level 1/ECA testing material from industry experts while building a valuable peer support network to equip you for exam success.

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  • Committing to Pay Equity
    Learn sustainable strategies for creating an equitable workplace in your organization. This course focuses on strategies to get the most out of your pay equity analysis. Review mindset and issues that will drive pay equity at your organization over time. NASPP members only.

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  • Essentials of Compensation Management

    This foundational course introduces the specialized area of compensation, focusing on how organizations align pay philosophy to organizational objectives. Find out how a well-designed compensation program attracts, retains, and motivates employees, how to use common KPIs to evaluate a plan’s effectiveness, the value of good communication, and how to do it successfully. NASPP members only.

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  • Executive Compensation Immersion Program

    New to executive compensation and wish you had the insight of a seasoned professional? This program helps you navigate the complexities providing a foundation in concepts and trends on essential exec comp topics. NASPP members only.

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  • Global Compensation Immersion Program

    Led by some of the top consultants and practitioners from around the world, this program will get you up to speed quickly with a solid foundation in the essentials of compensation planning for a global workforce. NASPP members only.

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  • Pay Equity Bundle
    Boost your pay equity knowledge to confidently address pay gaps in your organization. This comprehensive course teaches the drivers of pay equity, how to analyze data, remediate pay gaps and set sustainable strategies to create an equitable workplace. NASPP members only.

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  • Performing a Pay Equity Analysis
    Support your efforts to create an equitable and inclusive workplace by identifying and remediating unintended pay gaps in your organization. Gain know-how to plan, execute and analyze pay equity and address inequities that are uncovered. NASPP members only.

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  • Understanding Pay Equity
    Strengthen your knowledge of pay equity and how to resolve unwanted pay gaps. This course examines pay equity, legal and regulatory underpinnings, the drivers of pay decisions, and steps in a pay equity analysis process. NASPP members only.

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