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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Equity Compensation Series

Ensure Your DEI Programs Are Effective

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are now common priorities of corporate governance boards and compensation committees. But how do you ensure your company is actually delivering on its DEI commitment? Explore how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, innovation, frequent disparities in stock ownership, and more impact DEI outcomes.


Ideal Development Opportunity For

  • Those seeking to improve their team effectiveness and creativity.
  • Leaders wanting to create inclusive, accessible, and equitable workplaces.
  • Professionals who wish to eliminate systems and processes that limit equal opportunity.

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On-Demand, 3-Course Series

Course 1
Empowering Women Through Workplace Benefits

It’s no secret many women in the workforce face greater financial challenges today than ever before—from juggling caregiving responsibilities to navigating student loan debt and more. What can companies do to help women attain a better financial footing? Explore the specific financial wellness needs of women in the workplace and how your organization can better assist women in attaining their goals.

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Module 1

Juggling Financial Challenges
Develop an understanding of the financial challenges women workers.

Module 2

Shining a Light on Financial Wellness 

Investigate the specific financial wellness needs of women in the workplace. 


Module 3

Workplace Benefits to Address Inequities 

Examine how your organization may be able to better assist women workers in attaining their goals. 


Module 4

Strategies for a Better Foundation  

Learn what companies can do to help women in the workforce attain a better financial footing.

Course 2
Neurodiversity in the Workplace

As attention to neurodiversity in the workplace continues to increase, so does the number of companies making highly visible efforts to attract, retain, and support neurodivergent employees. Learn more about how companies are seeing success by embracing these efforts and how you can model similar practices within your own workplace.

View Course 2 Modules

Module 1

Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Understand the importance of a diverse workforce.  


Module 2

The Business Imperative

Learn about the growing skill gaps that are challenging STEM, equity compensation, and a variety of other sectors. 


Modules 3 & 4

Promoting a Holistic Neurodiversity Strategy

Explore how diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to successful corporate outcomes. 


Module 5

Building Momentum for Change

Hear about the short and long-term steps companies can take to build a culture that incorporate neurodiverse talent.

Course 3
Workplace Benefits: Navigating a New Era of Financial Wellness

Explore trends in financial wellness from the Bank of America 2023 Workplace Benefits Report. Gain valuable insights to help your company evolve with the needs of today’s workforce and stand out as an employer of choice.

View Course 3 Modules

Module 1

How can companies better support their employees’ financial wellness and overall wellbeing? Explore survey findings revealing employees’ primary challenges and aspirations and how they compare to what employers thought. 

Module 2

Attracting & Retaining Talent

Employers are increasingly embracing financial wellness programs and are even expanding them to include mental and physical wellness benefits to be competitive in the war for talent.  Learn about the perceived value of these programs and the areas of focus they are attempting to address.


Module 3

Promoting an Inclusive Work Environment  

Explore the contrast between what employers are offering and how employees feel about it.  We’ll analyze research from studies on the financial wellness of young adults, women, and ethnic cohorts and take a dedicated look at the employee point of view.

Module 4

Solutions and Action Steps for Employers 

Explore benefits, tools, and solutions to foster greater employee wellbeing. Find solutions to help you better align to the needs of employees.


  • Lauren Auriemma, Head of Financial Wellness Relationship Management, Morgan Stanley at Work

  • Cynthia Hutchinson, Director of Financial Gerontology, Retirement and Personal Wealth Solutions, Bank of America

  • Katy Schneider Riddick, Senior Director, High Lantern Group

  • Charmaine Rubino, Vice President in Financial Wellness, Morgan Stanley at Work

  • Kai Walker, Head of Inclusion Transformation, Retirement and Personal Wealth Solutions, Bank of America 

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Continuing Education

Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) can earn continuing education credits for session recordings.

Maximum Credit: 3 hours (1 credit per module)

Additional Requirements: Attendees must keep their own records of their attendance, including the specific sessions they attended, so they can report this information to the CEP Institute when required.

Please contact naspp@naspp.com with any comments and concerns about the course.