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Membership FAQs

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General Membership

When does my membership expire?
All NASPP memberships expire at the end of the calendar year on 12/31.
Can I share my membership with someone else?
No. Your membership is yours and yours alone and sharing access to member-only information is strictly prohibited. If someone else in your organization could benefit from NASPP membership, a corporate membership is an excellent value.
Can I join by myself and add a colleague later?
Yes. An individual membership (for issuers) may be upgraded to a corporate membership at any time.
What happens to my membership if I leave my company?
In most cases, membership belongs to your company and remains with the company for transfer to another eligible employee. If you have an individual membership not paid for by your company, you may be eligible to transfer your membership to a new organization. Contact our Member Care Center for assistance.   

For those members in between employers, we offer a transitional membership at a greatly reduced rate with access to the same core member benefits to support you during the transition. In most cases, membership belongs to your company and remains with the company for transfer to another eligible employee. If you have an individual membership not paid for by your company, you may be eligible to transfer your membership to a new organization. Contact our Member Care Center for assistance.   

Can I cancel my membership?
If you need assistance regarding your membership, please contact our Member Care Center. If you are experiencing a transition in employment, please be aware that we offer a transitional membership that may be helpful to you.
Does the NASPP offer local chapters? Where can I find information about a local chapter?
The NASPP has 18 active local chapters across the US. You can learn more about our chapters here. Please note, all NASPP chapters are US-based.

Membership Types

What's the difference between an issuer membership and a service provider membership?
Issuer memberships are for those responsible for the design and/or administration of internal employee stock plans. Service provider memberships are for those providing services and solutions including sales/marketing professionals, law firms, and consultants.
What membership type are law firms eligible for?
Law firms are considered service providers, and therefore are eligible for Individual Membership only. That means that each desired member at a law firm must have their own membership.
What are the advantages of corporate membership over individual membership?
Both membership types offer the same access to benefits. Corporate membership provides the best value for issuer companies that have multiple stock plan professionals involved in managing any aspect of their plans and wish to support their access to resources and professional development.

Managing Corporate Memberships

How can I see who currently has a membership at my company?
During open membership renewal season, you have visibility into your membership roster during the online renewal process. At any other time, please contact our Member Care Center for information.
May I log in as a prior member at my company to manage our membership?
No. Most membership management functions are available self-service through our website via your own account. However, our Member Care Center is happy to help facilitate any changes.
Can a membership be transferred to another colleague at my company in the event of staff or job duty changes?
Yes. At this time, please contact our Member Care Center to conduct a transfer of membership from one employee to another. Each member must have their own record and credentials, so please note that sharing the prior member's credentials with a replacement member is not permitted.

Payments & Invoicing

Are membership dues pro-rated?
NASPP membership is offered on a calendar year basis. New memberships initiated beginning in May of a membership term will have dues automatically pro-rated.   

Beginning October 1 of each year, new memberships are accepted for immediate access through December 31 of the following year at the rate of the full annual term plus pro-rated dues for the remainder of the year the membership began.   
Can I be sent an invoice for my membership order?
Yes. There are two options for this. First, you will be provided a downloadable receipt/invoice for any membership or program order upon checkout confirmation. Second, we can prepare your membership order for you and send you a corresponding invoice for payment.  

Training, Education, & Resources

What's the difference between online courses and webinars?
Webinars are typically a single event of 60-90 minutes in length and are complimentary with NASPP membership. Online courses are curriculum-based programs that may range over multiple sessions and weeks, involve reading and evaluative quizzes, and which result in the award of a certificate of completion. Enrollment in an online course is available to both members and non-members at an additional cost, but at a significant discount exclusive to members.  
How do I earn CEU credits?
Learn more here.
How can I access the most recent survey data?
Visit our survey page here. Please note that the latest survey results are available only to participating companies. 

International Resources

Where can I find information about stock plans in specific countries?
Visit our resources by country page here.
Can stock plan professionals outside the U.S. join? Does the NASPP offer resources for them?
Hundreds of the NASPP’s members are located outside of the U.S. The NASPP offers numerous resources and professional development opportunities covering administration of and developments for non-US based stock plans, including many country-specific guides.

Content Contributions

How can I contribute content to the NASPP?
Visit our contribute content page here.

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