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Excel Essentials for Equity Compensation  

Save Time and Effort with Key Functions, Formulas, and Tips

Excel skills are an essential part of any stock plan professional’s core toolkit. Strong Excel abilities can make nearly every aspect of your daily job easier, from roll forwards to Transfer Agent reconciliations and D&O questionnaires. Whether you’re a novice or a strong user, brush up or grow your skills by learning new functions and formulas, useful shortcuts, and best practices for any and all Excel users. Course modules will cover index/match, improved vlookup, sumifs, Iferror, and more.


Ideal Development Opportunity For

  • Equity pros seeking stock-plan specific Microsoft Excel tips and shortcuts.
  • Excel users of all levels wanting to add skills to their toolkit.
  • Those wanting to gain knowledge on data parsing and validation.

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Quick hits of essential knowledge and skills

Module 1: Functions with Multiple Criteria

Master filtering and extracting data based on multiple criteria.

Time: 13 minutes

Module 2: XLookup and Index Match

Grasp new concepts on flexible lookups for difficult problems.

Time: 18 minutes

Module 3: Numbering Transactions

Learn how to manage your transaction numbering.

Time: 9 minutes

Module 4: Slicing Data

Gain knowledge on utilizing filters to parse information from a collection of data within seconds.

Time: 8 minutes

Module 5: Data Validation

Learn to control specific rules and custom messages for invalid data in Excel.

Time: 12 minutes

Module 6: Excel Shortcuts

Explore fundamental components of Excel for finance, accounting, and equity compensation.

Time: 14 minutes


  • Liz Stoudt, CEP, NDEF, Partner, Infinite Equity

  • Michelle Tomasetti, Partner, Infinite Equity


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Continuing Education

Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) can earn continuing education credits for session recordings.

Maximum Credit: 1.25 credits

Additional Requirements: Attendees must keep their own records of their attendance, including the specific sessions they attended, so they can report this information to the CEP Institute when required.

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