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May 06,2020

Revisiting Your Equity Plans in the Wake of COVID-19

How can companies rebuild value in their equity...

Apr 09,2020

Virus, Volatility and Variables

Addressing challenges with equity awards in a v...

Apr 03,2020

The Three Ts of State Mobility

Which State Are Your Employees In?


Aug 19,2020

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

NASPP's Jenn Namazi shares 6 tips she personall...

Aug 05,2020

Global Mobility Situations Resulting from COVID-19

This episode explores employee mobility situati...

Jul 22,2020

How Prevalent are ESPPs?

How many companies actually offer ESPPs? What t...

NASPP University Courses

NASPP University

Designed for professionals new to the field, Online Stock Plan Fundamentals will provide you with a thorough understanding of administrative best practices, as well as bring you up to date on all the latest regulatory, accounting and taxation requirements.

NASPP University

This course features two webcast sessions with industry experts that explore tax, accounting and administrative issues associated with administering performance awards. Course registration also includes access to supplemental materials and interactive quizzes.

NASPP University

This course features two webcasts on employee mobility topics, covering state (domestic U.S.) and global mobile employees.

NASPP University

Understanding the complexities of financial reporting for stock compensation is crucial to ensure that your company discloses complete and accurate data in compliance with tax, accounting and securities regulations. This program will help you become knowledgeable in all aspects of stock plan accounting, calculating basic and diluted earnings per share and accounting for tax effects.

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