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Equity Administration Survey

Equity's Leading Analysis of Plan Administration Practices

The Equity Administration Survey is your definitive source for benchmarks and trends in the administration of equity programs worldwide. Brought to you by the NASPP and Deloitte Tax LLP, the survey's findings provide a useful tool to help public companies assess their practices against peers and optimize their plan management with data-driven guidance. 

The study's scope spans:

  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • Insider trading compliance
  • Participant education
  • Global administration

Last Conducted: April-May 2022
Next Edition: Spring 2025

Access to Survey Results

The 2022 survey results are exclusively available to:

  • All survey participants
  • All NASPP members at participating companies
  • NASPP members from service provider companies who were ineligible to participate in the survey

2022 Survey Highlights

All NASPP members can view the webinar highlighting the results of the survey.

Webinar: Best Practices in Equity Plan Administration

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