Business woman calculating tax withholding for equity award transactions

Tax Withholding Practices for Equity Awards

May 24, 2023

Episode Notes:

  • Complying with IRS deposit deadlines (1:36)
  • Tips for depositing taxes on time (3:45)
  • Pre-funding tax deposits (5:25)
  • Defining FMV as the prior day’s closing price (6:59)
  • Allowing employees to request additional withholding on equity plan transactions (8:35)
  • Determining tax withholding rates for non-US employees (14:00)
  • Frequency of reviews for global tax compliance (21:06)
  • Methods of staying informed of global developments affecting equity plans (22:37)
  • Working with local in-country personnel to stay informed (24:49)

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Barbara Baksa
    By Barbara Baksa

    Executive Director


  • Head shot of Caroline Durbin
    By Caroline Durbin

    Manager, Global Equity & Rewards

    Deloitte Tax

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