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5 Things on Mobility Compliance in the Age of Remote Working

May 27, 2021


Remote work is here to stay. Do you know where your employees are and how their movements impact compliance with various local, state and country specific requirements? What about things like benefits, internet security, and employee safety? With many factors on the table, we discuss 5 things for employers to have on their radar when it comes to remote worker movements.


Marlene Zobayan, Partner, Rutlen Associates

Episode Notes

  • Myths and realities around employer responsibility to track mobile employees (1:35)

  • When can an employer no longer claim ignorance about employee movements?  (3:39)

  • Beyond tax compliance: other considerations when remote workers are on the move (8:25)

  • Double taxation, double reporting, and double withholding in mobility situations (12:27)

  • Why companies should implement a remote work policy now (16:50)

  • Handling compliance issues when an employer didn't know an employee was mobile (21:34)

  • Prediction on state tax authority reactions to remote worker mobility (23:19)


Resources Highlighted In This Episode

About Our Guest

Marlene Zobayan is a partner of Rutlen Associates LLC. She has over twenty years of international tax and benefits experience, including global equity plans, mobile employee taxation, global compensation and benefits. She provides a holistic and proactive range of services to her clients, including global equity plan design, tax reviews and tax optimization, assistance with local approvals and filings, communications, and designing administrative processes. She is a regular speaker and author on global stock plan and rewards issues.

Prior to joining Rutlen Associates, Marlene was the practice leader on the West Coast for Deloitte Tax's Global Rewards group and managed their news alerts for global equity plan changes.

Marlene has a Physics degree from Oxford University; she is a member of the U.K. Association of Tax Technicians, a US Enrolled Agent and Certified Equity Professional. Having previously chaired the Advisory Board, Marlene now sits on the Curriculum Committee of the Certified Equity Professional Institute.


  • By Jennifer Namazi


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