Cap Tables & Investor Perception

May 01, 2024

In this episode of the Equity Expert Podcast, we are joined by DeRonnie Pitts of Fidelity Private Shares where we discuss his experience with Cap Tables and their affects on fundraising rounds and investor perception

The key points of this episode include:

  • Guest Introduction and Background: 0:00 - 4:01

  • Importance of Cap Table Management: 4:02 - 12:43

  • Role of Equity in Motivating Employees: 12:44 - 18:15

  • Discussion on "Salary Men" and Investor Expectations: 18:16 - 21:24

  • Best Practices for Cap Table Management: 21:25 - 25:55

Additional Resources:

Solution Showcase: Cap Table Event
Best Way to Prepare For an Exit? Get Your Cap Table Right From The Start!
Founders Mistakes - Cap Tables


  • Head shot of Jason Mann
    By Jason Mann

    Content Director


  • DeRonnie Pitts
    By DeRonnie Pitts

    VP, Business Partner Manager, Equity Compensation

    Fidelity Private Shares

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