Visual representation of settlement cycle

How T+1 Will Change Stock Plan Administration

August 18, 2023

Episode Notes:

  • Effect of T+1 on day-to-day operations (0:11)
  • Impact of T+1 on strategy for stock plans (3:32)
  • Trading windows and T+1 (6:50)
  • Risks created by a shorter settlement period (8:58)
  • Working with internal and external partners to ensure a smooth transition (10:35)
  • How T+1 will change the future of stock plan administration (14:34)
  • Head shot of Jason Mann
    By Jason Mann

    Content Director


  • Head shot of Rebecca Kargl
    By Rebecca Kargl

    Equity Manager


  • Head shot of Lamont Walker
    By Lamont Walker

    Director of Equity Programs


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