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Equity Incentives Design Survey

A Global Look at Equity Compensation Design Practices

The NASPP-Deloitte Consulting LLP Equity Incentives Design Survey provides the field's most in-depth analysis of how public companies design stock-based compensation plans for employees. Results reveal valuable benchmark data and trends that companies may use to evaluate and optimize their equity programs across five key areas:  

  • Plan design
  • Time-based full value awards
  • Performance-based awards
  • Time-based stock options (SOs) and stock appreciation rights (SARs)
  • Country-specific considerations
Last Conducted: 2021

2021 Survey Results Access

The most recent survey results from 2021 are available to:

  • All NASPP members from participating member companies
  • Survey participant companies (all NASPP members from a company who participated in the survey)
  • NASPP members from service provider companies

Prior results and data comparisons can be partially found in two earlier and now-retired surveys:

  • 2019 Domestic Stock Plan Design Survey
  • 2018 Global Equity Incentives Survey

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