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Overcoming the Barrier: Building Cross-Departmental Connections

July 20, 2022, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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When having conversations with your financial reporting partners, does it sometimes feel like there is a communication barrier? If so, join us as our experts help bridge the gap between human resources, executive compensation, financial reporting, and other functional areas.  

We will discuss compensation expense, deferred tax assets, and dilutive EPS in simple terms.

We will share lessons learned and best practices for strong and efficient cross-department communication, including tips from Texas Instruments and Chares River Laboratories on topics like plan design changes, grant issuance, acquisitions, modifications, stock price scenarios, special agreements, and more! 

Key questions this webinar will answer: 

  • What is equity compensation expense, a deferred tax asset (DTA), and dilutive earnings per share (EPS) in simple terms? Why is it important to your company? 

  • What are the benefits of strong cross-department communication and the importance of breaking down cross-department barriers? 

  • How can you think about things from another department’s perspective? Gain real life examples, tips, and best practices on strong cross-department communication from Texas Instruments and Charles River Laboratories. 

  • What are the key stock plan items to share across departments in a timely manner? How can you communicate these things effectively? 


Continuing Education: 

This program qualifies for continuing education for Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs). Please keep a record of your attendance and refer to the CEP Institute standards to determine the amount of credit you can receive.  



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