Virus, Volatility and Variables

Virus, Volatility and Variables

April 22, 2020, 1:00 PM

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As the market continues to be volatile as a result of COVID-19, companies are facing challenges with incentive awards that have lost their incentive, a changing workforce with furloughed employees and employees on leaves of absence, and underwater stock options. This panel of experts will address these issues and more:

  • What can companies do about performance award metrics that are no longer achievable?
  • What alternatives are there for underwater stock options?
  • Are there any silver linings to a down market?
  • What can companies do about ESPP resets and ensuring they have enough shares for future purchases?
  • What does the market look like for the rest of the year relative to IPOs and other deals?


  • Jennifer George, Partner, PwC
  • Alan Jones, Partner, PwC
  • Robert Purser, Partner, PwC

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