drawing of two hands pointing at the water level in a cup that is either half empty or half full

Half Empty, Half Full: A Closer Look at TSR Awards

March 16, 2022

Episode Notes

  • How much more usage of TSR awards can we expect (1:50)
  • Custom peer groups (4:06)
  • Paying out awards for negative TSR performance (8:44)
  • Using TSR as a payout modifier for other metrics (11:35)
  • The benefits our measuring outperformance (13:38)
  • Barbara uses a football metaphor (19:37)
  • Other market-based alternatives to TSR awards (20:34)
  • Barbara and Terry plan a follow-up podcast on relative Sharpe-Ratio awards (24:20)

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • Barbara Baksa
    By Barbara Baksa

    Executive Director


  • Terry Adamson
    By Terry Adamson

    (aka Mr. Relative TSR)

    Infinite Equity

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