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IRS Allows Digital Signature for Section 83(b) Elections

Jul 27,2021 | Barbara Baksa

Section 83(b) elections get closer to entering the modern age, at least temporarily.


Taking the Pulse of Performance Awards

Jul 20,2021 | Emily Cervino, Fidelity Stock Plan Services

When is comes to performance awards, there appears to be a significant comprehension gap between NEOs and other senior executives. This and other things we learned about performance awards in our most recent pulse survey.


Stock Plan Community: Forget Duplicating Yourself; Do This Instead

Jul 19,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

Why double your efforts or attempt to duplicate yourself when you can share and leverage the tools and insights of a broader community? See how your experiences and resources can both help others and streamline your own learning, all while growing your personal brand.


Holding Periods: A Better Alternative to Clawbacks?

Jul 13,2021 | Barbara Baksa

Clawbacks are difficult and expensive to enforce. Can required holding periods solve this problem?


Say-on-Pay Trends: Higher CEO Pay Equals Lower Shareholder Approval

Jul 07,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

The higher the CEO's pay, the more likely a slide in shareholder approval. A recent Equilar report explores this Say-on-Pay trend.


Accounting for Continued Vesting Upon Retirement

Jun 29,2021 | Barbara Baksa

When awards provide for continued vesting upon retirement, this has the effect of shortening the period over which expense is recognized. For some equity awards, it could also reduce the fair value of the award.


SEC to Revisit Rule 10b5-1: 4 Things to Know

Jun 25,2021 | Jennifer Namazi

The SEC's chairman recently spoke of the Commission's intent to "freshen up" Rule 10b5-1. Find out what potential changes may be on the table.


ESPPs, IPOs, and SPACs

Jun 23,2021 | Barbara Baksa

When it comes to implementing an ESPP simultaneously with an IPO or a SPAC, it's complicated.


Three Reasons to Be a Mentor

Jun 18,2021 | Barbara Baksa

Being a mentor has its advantages—here are three of them. (Plus a bonus—it’s rewarding!)

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