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How T-Mobile Engages Stock Plan Participants: Behind the Scenes Insights

July 30, 2021


Creating communications that capture the attention of employees can be difficult. Yet, some companies are succeeding at engagement. Aftab Ibrahim of T-Mobile describes what's worked well for T-Mobile, along with things he's learned and retooled in process of capturing attention from 75,000 employees. Hear Aftab's actionable tips for delivering communications that resonate.


  • Aftab Ibrahim, CEP, CECP, Sr. Director, Stock Compensation and Exec Programs at T-Mobile

Episode Notes

  • T-Mobile's stock plan participant demographics (1:47)
  • What communication formats work best to engage employees (3:05)
  • Learnings about email and how that changed the communications approach (5:14)
  • Was there a particular communication that had a big impact? (6:57)
  • What happens when a communication doesn't resonate as expected? (10:57)
  • Aftab's recommended tools/resources (14:34)
  • How to move beyond email (16:05)

About Our Guest

Aftab has over 15 years of experience with the administration of equity compensation, and is currently Sr. Director, Stock Compensation & Exec Programs at T-Mobile based in the Seattle area. He directs the plan design, implementation, and day-to-day operations of the equity programs with over 75,000 participants. T-Mobile currently offers broad based restricted stock units, performance restricted stock units, and an ESPP open to all employees.

He began his career in equity compensation on the Stock Team at Starbucks. Later, Aftab worked on the Stock Plan Services team at Microsoft before joining T-Mobile in 2010.  

Aftab earned bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Washington.  He is a Certified Equity Professional (CEP) having earned the designation in 2007, as well as a Certified Executive Compensation (CECP) achieved in 2014.  Since 2006, he has served as an Officer for the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) and is currently the President of the Seattle Chapter.

  • By Jennifer Namazi


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