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Taking a Look at Outset Medical's New Cashless ESPP

June 22, 2022

Episode Notes

  • What are cashless ESPPs and how do they work? (3:50)
  • Outset Medical’s path to a cashless ESPP (9:08)
  • Features of Outset Medical’s new cashless ESPP (11:44)
  • Employee reaction to Outset Medical’s new ESPP (13:31)
  • Common concerns about cashless ESPPs (15:01)
  • Current interest in cashless ESPPs (17:56)

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • Barbara Baksa
    By Barbara Baksa

    Executive Director


  • Headshot of Cally Bruse
    By Cally Bruce

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Carver Edison

  • Headshot of Lori Serrano
    By Lori Serrano

    Director, Equity Programs

    Outset Medical

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