Equity Expert Podcast

Equity Expert 54 – The Consultants Speak: Five Horrendous Tax Stories with Marlene Zobayan and Sorrell Johnson

Equity Expert 53 – The Big Four: ESPP Mistakes You Could Be Making (Without Even Knowing It) with Emily Cervino and Robert Purser

Equity Expert 52 – The Latest on the CEO Pay Ratio with Steve Seelig

Equity Expert 51 – Hot Topics for 10b5-1 Plans with Josh Shek and Steve Giove

NASPP – Disclaimers – FINAL – 09-25-17 – 10b5-1 podcast

Equity Expert 50 – Escheatment and Equity Plans with Cynthia Nisley, Georgeson Securities Corporation

Equity Expert 49 – ESPPs for a Global Workforce, with Jon Doyle, International Law Solutions

Equity Expert 48 – The CEO Pay Ratio with Steven Seelig, Willis Towers Watson

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Equity Expert 47 – The Latest from ISS with Peter Kimball, Head of Advisory and Client Services for ISS Corporate Solutions

Equity Expert 45 – 5 Things to Know About Form W-2 Box 11

Equity Expert 44 – Five Things That Just Made Your Equity Administration More Challenging with Raul Fajardo and Liz Stoudt

Equity Expert 43 – What We Might Expect with Brexit with Paula Holland, Ann Bevitt and Chris Finney from Cooley LLP

Equity Expert 42 – New Proposed Regs Under 409A with Mike Melbinger

Equity Expert 41 – Balancing Compensation Expense with Perceived Value with Dan Kapinos and Mike Palermo

Equity Expert 40 – Five Things Barbara Baksa Learned about Employee Choice Programs

Equity Expert 39 – Sinead Kelly of Baker & McKenzie on US Issuers Electing Non-US Residents to Their Board

Equity Expert 38 – NCEO’s Corey Rosen on Sharing Equity While Staying Private

Equity Expert 37 – Five Things to Consider Before Adopting the Update to ASC 718

Equity Expert 36 – Five Things Barbara Baksa Learned About the ISS Equity Plan Scorecard

Equity Expert 35 – Hot Topics: Performance Awards with Belen Gomez of Equilar

Equity Expert 34 – 10 Things Barbara Baksa Wants to Find Out in the Latest Survey

Equity Expert 33 – Tips for Completing the 2016 Stock Plan Design Survey

Equity Expert 32 – Global Trends & Practical Challenges with Lance Titchkosky (Solium)

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Equity Expert 31 – Tips for Submitting a Stand-Out Speaking Proposal

Equity Expert 30 – ISS & Glass Lewis: Inside the Scorecards

Equity Expert 29 – Section 16 Insights & Developments with Expert Alan Dye

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Equity Expert 28 – 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2016 (Barbara Baksa, NASPP Executive Director)

Equity Expert 27 – Dodd-Frank 5 Years On with Nathan O’Connor (Equity Methods)

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Equity Expert 26 – Hot Topic! EU Data Privacy for 2016 with Barbara Klementz (Baker & McKenzie)

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Equity Expert 25 – Global Hot Topics with Marlene Zobayan

Equity Expert 24 – 5 Things I Learned About Global Compliance and Communication

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Equity Expert 23 – Sneak Peek of Our Year-End Tax Webcast

Equity Expert 22 – Know Before You Go! Barbara Baksa on the 23rd Annual NASPP Conference

Equity Expert 21 – Tips and Logistics for Speaking at the NASPP Conference

Equity Expert 20 – 10 Tips for Exhibiting at the NASPP Conference

Equity Expert 19 – The Latest on FASB’s Proposed ASC 718 Amendments with Takis Makridis (Equity Methods) and AmyLynn Flood (PwC)

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Equity Expert 18 – Creating an Epic Broker Partnership with Brian Burke (TD Ameritrade)

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Equity Expert 17 – The Latest in Share Ownership Guidelines with Geoff Hammel (ISP Advisors) and Matt Kleger (Hay Group)

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Equity Expert 16 – Irreconcilable Differences with John Hammond (bendystraw)

Equity Expert 15 – Ask the Expert – Accounting Questions Answered with Elizabeth Dodge (Stock & Option Solutions)

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Equity Expert Episode 14 – Hold After Vest with Terry Adamson (Aon Hewitt)

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Equity Expert Episode 12 – Workforce on the Move with Nancy Mesereau (Morgan Stanley)

Equity Expert Episode 11 – 5 ESPP Myths with Emily Cervino

Equity Expert Episode 10 – Interview with Ken Stoler and Nicole Berman (PwC) about FASB Developments Related to ASC 718

Equity Expert Episode 9 – Interview with Scott Witz on Performance Award Stress Testing (and other tips)

Equity Expert Episode 8 – Interview with Paz Dizon

Equity Expert Episode 7 – Interview with Tami Bohm

Equity Expert Episode 6 – Interview Tips with Andrea Best


Equity Expert Episode 5 – Interview with Bill Dunn on Proposed Tax Reform

Equity Expert Episode 4 – Interview with Marlene Zobayan

Equity Expert Episode 3 – Interview with Bill Dunn

Equity Expert Episode 2 – Interview with John Hammond

Equity Expert Episode 1 – Interview with Barbara Baksa