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Insider Trading: Would You Sell Your Career for $100,000?

Oct 17,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Would you sell yourself out, or throw away your career, for $100,000? Law professor Peter Henning frames insider trading within that question, while law firm King and Spalding provides best practices for insider trading compliance policies and administration.


Four Considerations for Automating Equity Plan Processes

Oct 15,2019 | Kelly Geerts, CEP, E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc.

Kelly Geerts of E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc. discusses four important considerations to think about before executing new automation strategies for stock plan processes.


Communication in the Multi-Generational Workforce

Oct 10,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Understanding communication preferences of different generations and exploring new modes of information sharing is key to delivering your stock plan message.


The (Possible) Future of Capital Gains

Oct 08,2019 | Barbara Baksa

How the Democratic presidential candidates think capital gains should be taxed.


Private Company Unicorns: How Expiring Options are Changing Plan Design

Oct 03,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Private company unicorns are facing longer paths to IPO, unprecedented valuations, and the potential for options to expire before a liquidity event. Find out how some companies are leveraging plan design to address these issues.


Legal Challenge to Tesla Mega-Grant

Oct 01,2019 | Barbara Baksa

A Tesla shareholder has brought a lawsuit alleging that a massive option grant to Elon Musk constitutes a breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment. Barbara Baksa explains why this is interesting.


Four Essential Traits of the Future Stock Plan Professional

Sep 26,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

With rapid technology advancements and shifting workforce demographics, what attributes are essential for the stock plan professional of the future?


Are You Overvaluing Your ESPP?

Sep 24,2019 | Barbara Baksa

Four ways in which your ESPP might be less expensive than you think.


More Scenes from the NASPP Conference

Sep 19,2019 | Barbara Baksa

Six more scenes from the 27th Annual NASPP Conference. You won't believe #2!

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