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Examining Equity Plan Participant Attitudes and Behaviors

Nov 14,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Schwab Stock Plan Services releases results of research conducted on the attitudes and behaviors of 1,000 equity compensation plan participants.


SEC Proposes Rules Governing Proxy Advisors

Nov 12,2019 | Barbara Baksa

The SEC has issued proposed rules that would give companies an opportunity to review and respond to voting advice issued by proxy advisors. Take our poll to tell us what you think of them.


Divorce: The Impact on Equity Awards - Part 2

Nov 07,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Understanding the difference between a transfer of equity awards and the transfer of economic value in divorce scenarios.


ISS Sues the SEC!

Nov 05,2019 | Barbara Baksa

ISS has filed a lawsuit against the SEC, claiming that two recent interpretive releases exceed the SEC's authority and are procedurally improper, arbitrary, and capricious.


Divorce: The Impact on Equity Awards – Part 1

Oct 31,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Many companies lack a formal policy around transfers of equity plan awards/shares in divorce situations. Find out why companies should consider implementing such a policy.


Final Rules for 401(k) Hardship Withdrawals and ESPP Contributions

Oct 29,2019 | Barbara Baksa

The IRS has issued final rules implementing the changes the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 made to requirements for hardship withdrawals from 401(k) plans. This change has implications for employee stock purchase plans.


Trends in Stock Plan Proposals

Oct 24,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Learn what's trending in stock plan proxy proposals within the technology sector.


Year-End Tax Updates

Oct 22,2019 | Barbara Baksa

The new cap on wages subject to Social Security tax in 2020, plus the IRS revises Form 1040--again.


Insider Trading: Would You Sell Your Career for $100,000?

Oct 17,2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Would you sell yourself out, or throw away your career, for $100,000? Law professor Peter Henning frames insider trading within that question, while law firm King and Spalding provides best practices for insider trading compliance policies and administration.

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