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The Power of Choice

A Detailed Look at Equity Choice Plans


Jan 15,2018

Nov 30,2017

Oct 30,2017

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Since 2010, we've seen an increase of over 100% in companies that report that their equity awards are subject to clawback policies. But is this enough? Or is quality more important than quantity wh...


How Does Your Pay Ratio Stack Up?

Feb 15,2018Barbara Baksa

A recent report from Equilar provides insight into what we can expect to see in the first round of CEO pay ratio disclosures. Find out how your company's ratio compares.


Love and Stock Plans

Feb 14,2018Barbara Baksa

You probably didn't think that Valentine's Day and equity compensation go hand-in-hand. Turns out, they do.


Relative TSR: The Downsides

Feb 13,2018Barbara Baksa

The usage of relative TSR awards has grown dramatically in the past decade, but is there a downside to this performance metric? In this blog, Barbara Baksa takes a look at a recent study that sugge...


The FASB has voted to align the treatment of awards issued to nonemployees with that of employees, This blog entry discusses the effective date and transition for the new requirements,

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