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The NASPP Blog

Pay-for-Performance at Smaller-Cap Companies

It’s no secret that performance has been a key element in CEO pay for a while now. What may be surprising is that, according to a recently released study by Willis Towers Watson (“CEO Pay at S&P 1500 Companies: 2019”), LTI (long term incentive) compensation across all CEOs of ...


Twin Cities NASPP Chapter Meeting 2/13/2020

Financial Wellness – New Insights Into Employee Preferences and Employer Opportunities

The NASPP Blog

Pronunciation Follow-up: How do you say “Baksa”?

The blog I posted last month about how to pronounce “NASPP” was one of my most popular blogs ever. And as it turns out, the NASPP’s name isn’t the only thing around here that people aren’t sure how to pronounce. So, for today, I have a new poll. How is my last name pronounced...


SF Chapter NASPP Lunch and Two Sessions – January 16, 2020

Session 1: TGIF…. Oh Wait, It’s Tax Season Session 2: Ringing in the New Year with New 162m Regs


Seattle: January 2020 Breakfast Meeting

20/20 Vision for 2020 Proxy Season: Equity Compensation Focus

The NASPP Blog

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to run a stock plan. Stock plan administration is a collaboration of many functions within an organization, combined with the supporting services of additional partners and resources outside of the organization. The NASPP is proud to be part of so many of yo...


January Meeting and Happy Hour with PwC

Technology Disruption in the Workforce and Equity Compensation


NY/NJ: January 14, 2020 Chapter Meeting

Review, Revision and Disclosure of the Company's Hedging Policy

The NASPP Blog

Year-End Tax Reporting: Questions and Answers

The topic du jour this time of the year is how stock plan transactions need to be reported for tax purposes. In today’s blog entry, I highlight the NASPP resources that can answer your questions. What goes where on Form W-2 and Form 1099-MISC? A large percentage of the ye...

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