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UK Launches Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting
Apr 06,2017

The UK has implemented a mandatory gender pay reporting regime, which requires large employers (companies with 250 or more employees who work in or have a sufficiently close connection with the UK) to publish annual reports containing detailed data on their gender pay gap.

Recent Legislative Updates - February 2017
Feb 23,2017

Recent developments impacting stock compensation in Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, India, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, the UAE, and the UK.

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Further Details on Disguised Remuneration Proposal
Mar 01,2011

On December 9, 2010 the UK Government published draft legislation aimed at capturing what they described as “disguised remuneration”. These measures were principally intended to capture tax avoidance using, for example: employee trusts, where loans to employees are used to reduce tax on employment income (often known as Family Benefit Trusts (FBTs)) and funded unapproved pension schemes (often known as Employer-Financed Retirement Benefit Schemes (EFRBS)).

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Trends in Global Stock Plans
Mar 06,2014
Jennifer Namazi

Trends in Global Stock Plans

Global Year-End Reporting
Jan 19,2012
Jennifer Namazi

Global Year-End Reporting

Foreign ESPP Procedures
Dec 19,2011
Robyn Shutak

Foreign ESPP Procedures

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Ten Global Gotchas
Jun 12,2019

Nuggets of Wisdom in the CEP Institute’s Global Equity GPS

Build Your Mobility Tax Compliance Program
Mar 13,2019

Get a Handle on Mobility Tax Compliance!

Mobility & Equity - The Deep Dive
May 23,2018

Focus on the growing definition of mobility and more complex global tax issues


Surveys & Studies

NASPP Quick Survey: Global Stock Plans
Sep 01,2010

This is an informal survey of practices surrounding Global Stock Plans.

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