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Recent Legislative Updates - July 2018
Aug 02,2018

PwC's recent summary of global developments impacting stock plans.

Recent Legislative Updates - June 2018
Jun 29,2018

PwC's recent summary of global developments impacting stock plans.

Recent Legislative Updates - May 2018
May 31,2018

PwC's recent summary of developments impacting stock plans around the world.

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The Equity Equation: New Data Privacy Turmoil
Nov 18,2015

As has been widely reported (see Baker & McKenzie client alert), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) invalidated the EU/US Safe Harbor Program which allowed transfers of personal data of EU/EEA residents to U.S. companies that registered under the program. Generally, such transfers are allowed only if a permissible ground exists, and the Safe Harbor Program was a convenient ground for many U.S. companies doing business in the EU/EEA. By invalidating the program, these companies are now forced to rely on other grounds, such as the data subject's express consent or Model Agreements between the transferring and receiving entity.

Global Equity Compensation Considerations in an Inversion Transaction
Aug 31,2014

An "inversion transaction" is a corporate restructuring under the terms of which an existing corporation moves its corporate headquarters from one country (i.e., U.S.) to another, (i.e., Ireland) usually by inserting into its corporate structure a new parent corporation above the existing parent company. In most instances, the corporation's shares remain listed on a recognized stock exchange throughout the restructuring. This articles covers some of the key points with respect to global equity awards that you should understand if your corporation is considering an inversion transaction.

Taxation of Restricted Shares for Internationally Mobile Employees
Jun 01,2014

The UK 2014 Finance Bill has proposed significant amendments to the taxation of share awards for internationally mobile employees. Subject to enactment of the Finance Bill, the new rules will apply to all share vestings and option exercises occurring on or after 6 April 2015 (irrespective of the date on which the award was granted).

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5 Things About Global Stock Plans and Technology
Dec 15,2015
Barbara Baksa

5 Things About Global Stock Plans and Technology

Top Trends in Global Stock Plans
Sep 22,2015
Barbara Baksa

Top Trends in Global Stock Plans

Key International Updates
Jul 17,2014
Barbara Baksa

Key International Updates

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Ten Global Gotchas
Jun 12,2019

Nuggets of Wisdom in the CEP Institute’s Global Equity GPS

Build Your Mobility Tax Compliance Program
Mar 13,2019

Get a Handle on Mobility Tax Compliance!

Mobility & Equity - The Deep Dive
May 23,2018

Focus on the growing definition of mobility and more complex global tax issues


Surveys & Studies

NASPP Quick Survey: Global Stock Plans
Sep 01,2010

This is an informal survey of practices surrounding Global Stock Plans.

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