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Recent Legislative Updates - January/February 2019
Mar 06,2019

PwC's monthly newsletter reporting on developments impacting global stock plans.

Recent Legislative Updates - October 2018
Nov 12,2018

PwC's monthly newsletter reporting on developments impacting global stock plans.

Recent Legislative Updates - August-September 2018
Sep 28,2018

PwC's monthly newsletter reporting on developments impacting global stock plans.

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Tax-Qualified Plans – Blessing or Curse?
Aug 22,2017

When granting equity awards, one of the most important questions is the tax effect of such awards. Granting awards that have a negative tax impact on the employee or the company is counter-productive and should lead companies to consider other ways to incentivize their employees. On the other hand, should companies maximize the availability of favorable tax treatment for equity awards in certain countries? This is not an easy question to answer.

Ongoing Brexit Uncertainty - Our Survey Says...
Jun 30,2017

It has been a year since the Brexit referendum, yet a great deal remains unknown. Baker McKenzie asked what impact this uncertainty is having on skilled workers from EU27 countries who are living and working in the UK.

The Equity Equation: What to do when your Board goes global
May 10,2016

We are seeing an accelerating trend among U.S. companies to add nonU.S. residents to their Board of Directors. This makes sense: as more and more companies "go global" and expand in ever more countries, their Boards should reflect the global nature of the company.

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The Impact of Volatile Markets on Non-US Participants
Mar 26,2020
Marlene Zobayan, Rutlen Associates

Marlene Zobayan of Rutlen Associates highlights three key ways that the current market volatility may effect non-US participants and their equity awards.

Employee Stock Plans: European Start-Up Execs Call for Legislative Reform
Nov 29,2018
Jennifer Namazi

30 European CEOs call on politicians to reform legislation that impacts employee stock plans.

Global Grab Bag
Mar 29,2016
Jennifer Namazi

Global Grab Bag

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Ten Global Gotchas
Jun 12,2019

Nuggets of Wisdom in the CEP Institute’s Global Equity GPS

Build Your Mobility Tax Compliance Program
Mar 13,2019

Get a Handle on Mobility Tax Compliance!

Mobility & Equity - The Deep Dive
May 23,2018

Focus on the growing definition of mobility and more complex global tax issues


Surveys & Studies

NASPP Quick Survey: Global Stock Plans
Sep 01,2010

This is an informal survey of practices surrounding Global Stock Plans.

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