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Auto-Cancel Options: A Smart Way to Address an Old Problem
Mar 31,2020

This article by Infinite Equity proposes a solution for the age-old problem of underwater stock options.

Indexed Options: Sometimes Changes Is Good
Jan 16,2020

This article illustrates how tying option exercise prices to an index can result in a better compensation vehicle.

Assessing Risk in Compensation Incentive Plans
Feb 08,2017

This article provides a framework from which to evaluate whether compensation incentive programs, including equity incentives, encourage appropriate and not excessive levels of risk-taking among employees. The article discusses risk in the context of pay mix, performance measures, performance and payout curves, goal setting certification of performance, and participant communications.

Transferable Stock Options
Nov 02,1998

An outline of the characteristics of options that are transferable for estate-planning purposes, as well as the tax and legal considerations of these arrangements.

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