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Feb 17,2021

Our theme for this issue focuses on ESPPs. The feature article takes a sophisticated look at ESPP data, including how ESPP participation correlates with 401(k) participation, ROI on ESPP purchases, and how the pandemic has impacted participation and returns. The Top Ten List offers ten ways to push the easy button when administering ESPPs and Administrators Corner suggests ways to streamline your plan. Data Snapshot presents trends on ESPPs from our 2020 survey. And, as always, Across Our Desk recent news and developments affecting stock plans, including tax season updates, the SEC's new Form S-8 and Rule 701 proposals, and more.

Nov 10,2020

Our theme for this issue focuses on what we need to do to prepare ourselves to survive year-end and to future-proof equity plans for the uncertainty that lies ahead. The feature article explains how statistical modeling can be used to set and rigor-test performance metrics. The Top Ten List highlights key considerations for next year's annual equity awards and the Administrators Corner column discusses key processes that will need to be updated in response to COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders. Data Snapshot presents data on current concerns and adaptations for equity awards and Across Our Desk rounds up recent articles and other publications on stock compensation.

Aug 18,2020

A special technology issue including a feature article on how AI could transform stock plan processes. The Top Ten List in this issue focuses on technology you can use now to improve stock plan administration and Administrators Corner offers tips and technology to make the most of working from home. Data Snapshot highlights equity practices of tech companies and Across Our Desk rounds up recent articles and other publications on stock compensation.

May 13,2020

Our special edition COVID-19 issue! Our feature article discusses ways to recession-proof your equity award program. We also offer a thorough checklist of over 25 ways economic volatility is affecting equity award programs and five hacks for working at home. Data snapshot highlights actions and reactions to the current market volality. Across Our Desk rounds up law and consulting firm guidance on COVID-19 and equity compensation.

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