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Equity Plans 'Go Public' Too
Jan 03,2014

This article provides checklist of things companies need to think about for their equity plans as they prepare for an IPO.

Equity Plan Design at IPO: Getting It Right the First Time
Feb 09,2012

This article focuses on the many decision points and considerations that go into creating a post-IPO equity plan, including the critical role of a solid grant strategy and proactive communication with the key stakeholders.

Preparing for an IPO: a Primer on Executive Pay Considerations
Jan 09,2012

This article summaries executive compensation strategies frequently utilized by private companies.

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Are IPO Lockup Periods Negotiable? Maybe.
Nov 24,2020
Barbara Baksa

With the emergence of direct listing and other alternatives to IPO, some underwriters are conceding to early-release provisions in post-IPO lockup agreements.

Private Company Unicorns: How Expiring Options are Changing Plan Design
Oct 03,2019
Jennifer Namazi

Private company unicorns are facing longer paths to IPO, unprecedented valuations, and the potential for options to expire before a liquidity event. Find out how some companies are leveraging plan design to address these issues.

Update to ASC 718: The FASB's Decisions, Part 2
Dec 08,2015
Barbara Baksa

Update to ASC 718: The FASB's Decisions, Part 2

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