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At Long Last, Dodd-Frank Hedging Policy Disclosure is Now Effective
Aug 23,2019

Pearl Meyer's summary of the hedging policy disclosure requirements.

SEC Adopts Hedging Policies Disclosure Rule
Jan 23,2019

This NASPP alert provides a high-level summary of the SEC's hedging policy disclosure rule.

Goodwin: SEC Adopts Final Hedging Policy Disclosure Rules
Jan 03,2019

This client alert by Goodwin summarizes the SEC's hedging policy disclosure rule, which was adopted as required under the Dodd-Frank Act.

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SEC Adopts Hedging Policy Disclosure Rule
Jan 23,2019
Barbara Baksa

The SEC has adopted a rule requiring public companies to disclose the hedging policies they have in place for executives, all other employees, and directors.

SEC Proposes Hedging Disclosure Rules
Feb 18,2015

In somewhat of a surprise announcement, last week the SEC proposed rules to implement the requirement under the Dodd-Frank Act that companies disclose their policies with respect to hedging by employees and directors.


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Jan 16,2019

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The Trump Administration and Compensation
Jun 13,2017

How the New Administration Seeks to Change the Rules

Regulations & Statutes

Release No. 33-10593: Disclosure of Hedging by Employees, Officers and Directors
Mar 08,2019

SEC rule requiring public companies to describe policies they have adopted regarding the ability of employees (including officers) or directors to purchase financial instruments, or otherwise engage in transactions, that hedge or offset any decrease in the market value of equity securities granted as compensation or held directly or indirectly by the employee or director

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