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ISS Policy Updates for Equity Plans in 2018
Jan 08,2018

A summary of ISS's policy updates and clarifications for 2018 that apply to stock compensation plans.

ISS Policy Updates for 2017
Feb 01,2017

This development covers an number of updates that ISS has announced to its proxy voting policy for 2017 that impacted stock compensation.

ISS Updates Equity Compensation FAQs
Apr 01,2016

In March of 2016, ISS issued an update to its FAQs on equity compensation. The updates are summarized in this development.

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ISS US Proxy Voting Guidelines (2018)
Jan 04,2018

ISS voting guidelines for the United States, updated for the 2018 proxy season.

FAQ: US Equity Compensation Plans (2018)
Dec 14,2017

ISS FAQ on US Equity Compensation Plans, updated for the 2018 proxy season.

ISS US Proxy Voting Guidelines (2017)
Dec 22,2016

ISS proxy voting guidelines for the United States, for the 2017 proxy season.

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Proxy Advisor Policy Changes for 2021
Jan 26,2021
Barbara Baksa

How ISS and Glass Lewis voting policies for stock plan proposals have changed for the 2021 proxy season.

ISS Policy on Performance Award Modifications
Apr 28,2020
Barbara Baksa

The board wants to modify performance targets for both short-term and long-term incentives. Will ISS be okay with this?

ISS Issues Policy on Repricings and Option Exchanges
Apr 21,2020
Barbara Baksa

The latest guidance from ISS on how to structure an option repricing or exchange to obtain a favorable recommendation. Spoiler alert: You may need to wait a year.

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The ISS & Glass Lewis Scorecards: What You Need to Know
Feb 24,2016

A peak inside the "black box" of proxy advisor policies

Ten Equity Compensation Issues That Affect All Stock Plan Professionals (That No One Told You About)
May 15,2012

Learn about the internal and external dynamics that affect the equity plan design process and how you can influence them!


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