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Aug 08,2016

#41: Balancing Compensation Expense with Perceived Value

You're taking the expense; what value are parti...


Apr 15,2020

Complex Legal & Accounting Issues

Understanding time consuming accounting and leg...

Jul 25,2012

Capped Stock Awards: The Next Generation?

Learn about the newest trend in stock compensat...

Jun 29,2010



Performance Award Accounting Follow-up

For today's blog entry, I have a couple of follow-up tidbits related to the recent EITF decision on accounting for awards with performance periods that are longer than the time-based service per...Read More


Performance Award Accounting

The FASB recently ratified an EITF decision and approved issuance of an Accounting Standards Update on "Accounting for Share-Based Payments When the Terms of an Award Provide That a Performance ...Read More

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