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Vendor Evaluation and Analysis
Jul 01,2009

Working well with your product and service providers is a key component to a successful equity compensation program. Whether you utilize third-party vendors to support recordkeeping systems, outsourcing, brokerage, or other advisory services, you depend on them to supply critical assistance to keep the administration of your stock plans humming, your financial reporting and compliance accurate, and your employee participants happy. When one of these relationships doesn’t work as expected, this may present an opportunity to evaluate your current provider’s product offerings and performance and determine if a replacement is needed.

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Alexa: Sell My ESPP Shares!
Feb 07,2019
Jennifer Namazi

Will voice activated digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa be able to execute stock plan transactions sometime soon?

Transforming Your Broker Relationship
Jul 17,2015
Jennifer Namazi

Transforming Your Broker Relationship

Four Questions to Ask Your Brokers
Nov 30,2010
Barbara Baksa

Four Questions to Ask Your Brokers

Sample Documents

RFP Questions for Stock Plan Administration Service Provider
Jan 01,2013

Sample RFP to select a new stock plan administration provider

Brokerage Implementation Project Checklist
May 12,2010

Checklists of tasks for changing plan administrators and brokers.

Company Profile for Provider Search
Apr 30,2009

Sample profile questionnaire to assist company with identifying needs to develop an RFP for a provider search.


Change Service Providers Like a Pro
Apr 25,2019

Best practices for a successful transition

Global Trends and Practical Challenges: A Tale of Two Surveys
Mar 09,2016

Current practices to address challenges in stock plan administration

Comparing Solutions for Section 6039 Compliance
Nov 18,2010

Learn how industry providers can help you with Section 6039 compliance!


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