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Educating Employees on Your ESPP
Dec 31,2009

This article provides an overview of the contributors and components of an educational program for a Section 423 qualified ESPP offered to U.S. employees. To develop your own educational program, it is necessary to understand who contributes to these programs and the extent of information that can be communicated to employees.


Cover Letter - ESPP Tax Report
Nov 24,2009

Cover letter for a report ESPP transactions distributed to participantes for tax purposes

How Much Do Employees Value Their Equity Compensation?
Jul 30,2020
Jennifer Namazi

Insights from two UBS studies on participant attitudes towards their equity awards.

Technology Tips for Engaging Remote Participants
Jul 02,2020
Jennifer Namazi

With workplaces operating more remotely than ever, communicating with stock plan participants finds new challenges. Explore technology tips aimed at engaging remote participants.

5 Tips to Support Stock Plan Participants Through a Crisis
Apr 09,2020
Jennifer Namazi

Tips to help your stock plan participants navigate through any crisis.

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Sample Documents

Determining If an 83(B) Election Is Right for You
Nov 30,2018

This article by Raymond James explains the factors executives should consider before making a Section 83(b) election.

Change in Control Estimate for Employees
Sep 28,2018

A sample memo to describe to employees the payments they'll receive in a change in control.

FAQs for a New ESPP
Aug 13,2018

Sample FAQs for a newly implemented ESPP.

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Help Employees to Make Smarter Equity Award Decisions
May 19,2021

Fuel employee financial health with equity by cultivating an investor mindset among employees.

Equity Compensation and Financial Wellness
Jun 06,2018

How equity awards can be part of a financial wellness program for employees

Equity Awards: Creating Long-Term or Momentary Owners?
Jun 08,2016

Are the objectives of your company's equity plan being met?


Regulations & Statutes

Form 3921
Oct 10,2017

IRS Form 3921, used to report ISO exercises.

Form 3922
Sep 01,2016

IRS Form 3922, used to report first legal transfer of shares acquired under a Section 423 employee stock purchase plan (ESPP).

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