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Grist Report: FAS 123(R) Equity Restructuring Provisions: More "Devil in the Details"
Aug 01,2006

Amid the turmoil in the stock markets, life goes on as companies prepare to make stock option awards on their normal granting cycle. But uncertainties about the value of each option, which in turn affect how many options each participant receives, complicate granting decisions compared to more tranquil market environments.

How to Ensure Your Grant Procedures Are Scrutiny-Proof
Oct 27,2020
Barbara Baksa

The day after a company grants stock options, its stock increases by 1000%. Was it luck or manipulation? And how can you ensure your company isn't the subject of blog entries like this?

Issuing Equity Awards: Administrative Issues to Consider
Jul 10,2020
Jennifer Namazi

Administrative issues to consider in issuing equity awards.

What Happens to Equity Awards in a Furlough?
May 07,2020
Jennifer Namazi

How are employees and their equity plan awards affected by short term furloughs?

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Sample Documents

Plan Duration Forecast
Oct 24,2019

This is a simple spreadsheet that provides an example of how to calculate how many years before shares will need to be allocated to a stock plan.

Sample Grant Cover Letter - Award
Jul 19,2018

Sample cover letter to notify plan participants that they have received an award of stock or units.

Sample Grant Cover Letter - Stock Option
Jul 19,2018

Sample cover letter to notify plan participants that they have received a stock option grant.

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Ask the Experts: Performance Awards
Feb 16,2017

Submit your challenges with performance awards for this panel of experts to address!

Stock Ownership Guidelines
Jun 17,2015

How to Handle this Governance Golden Child

Irreconcilable Differences
May 13,2015

How Shares Are Counted from Balance Sheet to Plan Reserves and Everything in Between

Surveys & Studies

Survey Says: 10 Dos & Don'ts of Stock Plan Administration
Oct 17,2017

Highlights of the 2017 Domestic Stock Plan Administration Survey, cosponsored by the NASPP and Deloitte Consulting LLP.

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