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Post-Vest Holding Periods

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An Executive’s Guide to Post-Vest Mandatory Holding Periods
Apr 30,2016

While holding shares as part of executive compensation is not a new concept, there is growing interest by companies to require mandatory vesting holds on executive shares for an additional period of time, even after the executive leaves the company.

One More Threshold for Executive Pay: Post-Vest Holding Periods
Apr 30,2015

This white paper is designed to frame the emerging feature of post-vest holding periods with corporate executives in mind. We hope to assist executives in understanding and addressing the financial planning and tax implications of post-vesting holding periods.

Equity Design Ideas to Align Outcomes with Objectives
Aug 18,2020
Jennifer Namazi

Equity design ideas aimed at avoiding undesirable outcomes and better alignment with plan objectives.

ISS Scorecard: What's New for 2016
Nov 24,2015
Barbara Baksa

ISS Scorecard: What's New for 2016

Post-Vest Holding Periods - Part 2
Mar 05,2015
Jennifer Namazi

Post-Vest Holding Periods - Part 2

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Post-Vest Holding Periods
Mar 11,2015

Find out how this innovation in award design can be a win-win for your company and shareholders!


Surveys & Studies

Executive Summary and Selected Results for the 2019 Domestic Stock Plan Design Survey
Mar 10,2020

Key trends in the design of restricted stock/unit, performance award, and stock option programs.

The ClearBridge 100 Report
May 31,2018

This ClearBridge 100 Report presents findings on various executive compensation policies, including compensation recovery (clawback) policies, stock ownership guidelines and post-vesting holding requirements, anti-hedging policies and anti-pledging policies, and target compensation positioning philosophies. The ClearBridge 100 is comprised of 100 S&P 500 companies.

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