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Global Equity Compensation Legislative Updates - Q1 2020
May 13,2020

Recent legislative updates for Brazil, India, Ireland, Malaysia, United Kingdom and the United States.

Recent Legislative Updates - March 2019
Apr 05,2019

PwC's monthly newsletter reporting on developments impacting global stock plans.

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The Global Equity Matrix
Jun 17,2020

Baker McKenzie's country-by-country matrix of issues that impact global stock plans. See also the link to the online version, under More Details.

Keys to Tax Compliance Readiness When a US Nonresident Director Joins a US Board
Aug 31,2017

With increasing frequency, U.S. companies are electing or appointing non-U.S. tax residents to serve on their board of directors. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the U.S. and foreign tax obligations that must be met and issues that arise when a U.S. nonresident director joins the board.

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Celebrating Global Stock Plan Resources
Oct 29,2020
Jennifer Namazi

This year's Country Contributor of the Year Award goes to a team of professionals who have provided outstanding support for the NASPP's global resources.

Tips for Global Stock Plan Tax Withholding
Aug 25,2020
Jennifer Namazi

Tips and traps for stock plan tax withholding compliance across jurisdictions.

Global Stock Plans: 3 Best Practices to Implement Today
Aug 13,2020
Jennifer Namazi

Issuers share three best practices in managing a global stock plan that you can implement today, regardless of resources.

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Ten Global Gotchas
Jun 12,2019

Nuggets of Wisdom in the CEP Institute’s Global Equity GPS

Build Your Mobility Tax Compliance Program
Mar 13,2019

Get a Handle on Mobility Tax Compliance!

Mobility & Equity - The Deep Dive
May 23,2018

Focus on the growing definition of mobility and more complex global tax issues


Surveys & Studies

2018 Global Equity Incentives Survey: Executive Summary
Jul 30,2019

Highlights of the results of the NASPP's 2018 Global Equity Incentives Survey.

Quick Survey on Global ESPP Administration
Oct 31,2016

In July 2016 Solium and the NASPP launched a Global ESPP quick survey to NASPP members. Solium was interested in digging deeper into perceptions and trends in relation to local tax qualified share plans. The findings indicate a general trend of extending US 423 tax qualified plans globally. Explore the survey results with us, which sparks interesting insights into topics like fairness, perceived value and measures of success.

NASPP Quick Survey: Globally Mobile Employees
Feb 15,2013

This is an informal survey of practices in administering equity for employees who are globally mobile.

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