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How Prevalent are ESPPs?

How Prevalent are ESPPs?

Jul 22,2020 |

How Prevalent are ESPPs?

How many companies actually offer ESPPs? What trends exist based on company demographics, such as size, region and industry? This episode examines research conducted by Aon, in partnership with the NASPP and Fidelity, on the prevalence of employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) within Russell 3000 and S&P 500 companies.

Host: Jennifer Namazi, Content Director, NASPP

Guests: Daniel Kapinos, Partner and Rachel Lopez, Consultant,
both of Aon Rewards Solutions

Episode Notes: 

What research was performed on ESPPs and why? (2.26)
Which companies were evaluated? (3:48)
The number of companies offering ESPPs (5:41)
ESPP prevalence based on industry (6:08)
Deeper dive into industry prevalence of ESPPs (6:57)
ESPP data on region and company size (8:46)
Analysis of ESPPs offered based on headcount (11:11)
Fundamental differences between ESPPs offered within the Russell 3000 vs. S&P 500 (12:58)
Thoughts on the future of ESPPs and plans to expand this research (14:45)
The value of having an ESPP during volatile economic times (19:19)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

How Common are ESPPs? It Varies Widely by Demographics

About our Guests

Dan Kapinos, Partner in Aon’s Rewards Solutions business, serves as the Head of Aon’s Equity Services Team, which provides expertise, service and advice on all things related to equity compensation to over 900 companies globally. Dan is a frequent speaker and writer on a variety of compensation topics and has held many industry positions including President of the NASPP Philadelphia Chapter and member of the CEP Institute’s Curriculum Committee.  Currently Dan sits on the NASPP’s Executive Advisory Committee.
Rachel Lopez, is a Consultant with Aon’s Equity Services team, where she uses her background in statistical analyses to address clients’ equity needs for a wide range of equity-based compensation vehicles.  Rachel currently oversees the team’s thought leadership development and has written multiple articles exploring current trends in equity compensation and addressing the nuances of stock-based compensation plan design.

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