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6 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

Aug 19,2020 |

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

NASPP's Jenn Namazi shares 6 tips she personally uses to get the most out of a virtual conference. Whether you are planning to attend your first event, or are a seasoned virtual veteran, these tips are bound to enhance your experience.

Host: Jennifer Namazi, Content Director, NASPP


Episode Notes: 

Jenn shares interesting data on the future of video and virtual conference engagement (1:17)
Scheduling your must-attend sessions (4:03)
Prioritizing attendance while juggling other demands at work and home (4:34)
Removing the distractions that threaten to divert your attention (5:34)
The importance of reflection and decompressing after a day of conference events (6:18)
Networking and socializing (7:40)
Leveraging one of the biggest virtual conference perks (9:05)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

#NASPPVirtual (information about this year's Virtual NASPP Conference)

With 60+ sessions featuring over 100 speakers across stock plan domains, exciting keynotes, and plenty of interactive opportunities, NASPP Virtual is the must-attend equity event of the year. No need for FOMO (fear of missing out) over a session - a huge perk is that all sessions will be available on-demand through the end of September. You can attend the entire conference (binge watch in your pajamas if you want) or pick and choose what works best for you.

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