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Wisconsin: September 2018 Meeting

September 17, 2018

11:45 am - 1:00 pm

Event Contact

Will Thoms


Harley-Davidson University (3800 W. Juneau Avenue)
3800 W. Juneau Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Share your practices, challenges, and solutions with your peers!

Event Details

This session will be facilitated by Mary Kelly from Solium and will include the various topics that have been provided by your peers:

  • How much value/input does the compensation committee provide in equity/pay decisions and guidelines at your company?
  • How has your company dealt with internal pay inequities in conjunction with external market data?
  • Does your company allow manager discretion in the number of shares granted to plan participants?
  • Do you pay dividends on restricted shares before they are released to participants?  If so, how often are the dividends paid and are they in cash?
  • How do you determine what value or number of shares to grant each year?  By role or grouped?
  • Do you differ your grant guidelines by country?  If so how?
  • How do you communicate annual grants globally?
  • How do you manage payroll and reporting compliance matters by country?
  • What are your company's grant acceptance procedures?
  • What providers are you using for equity plan administration?
  • CEO pay ratio learnings?
These and many more are on the table for discussion and we look forward to a great meeting!  

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