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SF Chapter NASPP Lunch and Two Sessions – February 20, 2020

February 20, 2020

11:30am to 1:30pm

Event Contact

Wendy Jennings


Charles Schwab Office
215 Fremont Street, Lands End Room
San Francisco
Session 1: Equity Outliers: Are they REALLY Doing That ?? Session 2: Employee Stock Plan Stories: Cashless Participation

Speaker Information

Fred Whittlesey, Compensation Venture Group, SPCFred Whittlesey is the founder and Principal Consultant of Compensation Venture Group, SPC (CVG), a Seattle-area consulting firm specializing in compensation strategy, executive compensation, incentive compensation, equity-based compensation, and employee pay.  CVG is a Washington Social Purpose Corporation.  Fred also provides expert witness services for compensation-related litigation, is a Faculty member at Seattle Pacific University teaching graduate-level courses in total rewards systems as well as serving as a Faculty Adviser for student special projects, and is a writer for

Amanda Benincasa is a Director and the East Coast Practice Leader with Aon Equity Services, the equity valuation and accounting group within Aon Rewards Solutions. Her background consists of valuation and technical accounting for equity, handling topics including employee stock options, restricted stock units, performance share awards, restricted stock awards, repurchases, IPOs, and an array of SEC reporting responsibilities (10Q/K, Proxy, Forms 4/5, etc.). She is an industry speaker, addressing topics related to equity valuation and accounting, and has written several articles surrounding the same topics. She serves on the Board of Directors of the NASPP Boston Chapter.
Randy Brown is a seasoned clinical operations executive with over 25 years of global drug and device development.  Most recently he lead global clinical operations for Baxter Healthcare, an $11 billion dollar medical device company.  Mr. Brown has lead several clinical development programs in over 30 countries resulting in several approvals.  From 2015-2018 he served as the Vice President of Clinical Operations for an enteral feeding intolerance program, at Lyric Pharmaceuticals- a clinical stage pharmaceutical company, in critically ill patients.  Randy has spent several years in leadership roles within clinical operations/program management for organizations such as DaVita, Anaclim/Spherix, and Eli Lilly. He has played key roles in several approvals including Xigris, Lipitor, and Viagra. 
Aaron Shapiro is the Founder of Carver Edison. Carver Edison is a New York City-based financial technology company committed to helping public companies increase stock plan participation rates through its Cashless Participation™ technology and education platform, Carbon™. The company is backed by leading Fintech entrepreneurs and executives including Eli Broverman, co-founder of Betterment and Jeff Cruttenden, co-founder of Acorns. Aaron was the first investment professional at Edgehill Endowment Partners, a Connecticut based institutional investment firm co-founded by Ellen Shuman, an Institutional Investor Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. During Aaron’s tenure, Edgehill’s assets grew from $150 Million to over $4 Billion. 

Event Details

Session 1:  One question that surfaces repeatedly in equity compensation focused conversations is “what are other companies doing?” Another way to phrase it is “What’s the norm?” Many of our approaches and practices seem to center on trying to conform to a median or typical scenario, and the outliers tend to be viewed as, not worth consideration. This gravitation towards a middle ground may be fueled by compensation committees who are balancing risk scenarios and a desire to be risk averse. Is the median or 75th percentile really the right target? Or should companies be considering a variety of other scenarios beyond the default go-to answer?
This session challenges us to give more thought and credibility to the role that outliers can play in our approach to not just equity compensation, but careers in this field as well.

Session 2:  
This session will explore the story of a BioTech employee who has benefited from one of the industry's newest trends, Cashless Participation through Carver Edison. You'll also learn about new research to help you craft the business case at your company for increased employee stock plan participation.

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