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San Diego NASPP: September 2021 Chapter Meeting

September 22, 2021

Noon – 1:20pm PT

State Tax Bingo

Speaker Information

Marlene Zobayan, Partner at Rutlen Associates LLC
Marlene has over twenty years of international tax and benefits experience including global equity plans, mobile employee taxation, global compensation and benefits. Her clients range from start-ups to Fortune 10 companies. She provides a range of services including mobile employee policy, global equity plan design, mobility compliance, compliance reviews, assistance with local approvals and filings, communications, employer tax compliance advice and designing administrative processes; she is known for her expertise with mobile employee issues.
Mindy Mayo, Managing Director at KPMG LLP
Mindy has worked with companies of all sizes, assisting with employment tax matters from start of business through branch or company closure.  She began her career as a payroll tax auditor with the State of California, Employment Development Department, paving the way for her future as a payroll consultant. Mindy specializes in independent contractor determinations as well as payroll tax audit assistance, leveraging her experience as an auditor to assist clients who are undergoing either a federal or state payroll tax review.  Mindy also has expertise with the US employment tax issues encountered by inpatriate and expatriate employees.

Event Details

How well do you know the nuances of state taxation for equity compensation?  Are you withholding and reporting when and where required by law?  How do you comply with remote workers from another state? State tax qualified stock plans? State mobility?  Take your chances with State Tax Bingo.  The panel will go over 25 nuggets of state tax information which impact equity compensation.  Each nugget will be relating to a number on your personal online Bingo card.  When you have experienced at least 5 in a row you can shout Bingo (via a Raised Hand), but be warned you will have to share a lesson learnt or best practice based on one of the number on your row with the rest of the audience.  Bingo winners will be entered into a prize drawing.

More Information

Date:                           Wednesday September 22
Time:                           Noon – 1:20pm PT
Location:                    Online
Fee:                             None

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