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San Diego NASPP: July 9 2020 Chapter Meeting

July 09, 2020

Noon - 1:00pm PT

The Twists and Turns of Terminations

Speaker Information

Jeremy Burns, CEP, E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services
Elizabeth Dodge, CEP, Equity Plan Solutions
Sonia Guillory, CEP, Palo Alto Networks
Lydia Terrill, CEP, Vocera Communications

Event Details

Most terminations are straight-forward, right? You enter them, or better yet, import them into your stock plan system, they cancel the grants they should cancel and leave any options outstanding for the requisite 3 months. But what about the corner cases?
Late-reported terminations can throw a wrench into everything from expense reporting to your roll-forward to possibly having to bust an exercise. Retirements and retirement eligibility pose other challenges, also impacting expense and causing tax collection headaches. Executive terminations that involve accelerations or extensions of time to exercise may also involve accounting calculations and getting those changes into the system in a way that gets the vesting and expense right. CICs and RIFs can bring a whole other set of challenges.
This expert panel will walk through examples of each twist and turn in your terminations, explore the correct impact and discuss features of various systems that allow you to handle these troubling terms with grace and ease.

Date:                         Thursday, July 9, 2020
Time:                         Noon – 1:00pm PT
Location:                  Online
Fee:                            None

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