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NY/NJ: Operating Equity & Executive Compensation Plans in a COVID-19 Environment

May 28, 2020

11:30am ET - 12:30pm ET

KPMG discussion around the trends they are seeing in the market among businesses and industries from a compensation and benefits perspective, with a focus on equity and executive compensation plans.

Speaker Information

Parmjit Sandhu
Parmjit is a tax principal in KPMG’s Global Reward Services practice. She helps solve tax technical issues while balancing operational and practical limitations to develop a best practice approach for the global HR function – customized for each company.  She has more than 20 years of experience advising US multinationals, inbound and private companies across several industries on global equity, payroll, mobility, compensation and benefit matters, transaction related compensation considerations, including IPOs, spin-offs and carve-outs and compensation design.

Parmjit leads a portfolio of large US/inbound multinationals, smaller emerging private clients on various global tax, compensation, operational & regulatory matters. The majority of her experience relates to global reward and benefits plans, payroll processing and how to operationalize them in a compliant manner, develop processes & controls, and educate the workforce and international payroll challenges. She also advises on US domestic compensation tax issues under Section 409A. She is experienced in global tax rules applicable to global rewards and benefits, M & A transactions and managing a globally mobile workforce. In London, her experience was experience focused on drafting tax opinions & papers analyzing the legality of tax mitigation strategies in bonus and incentive planning.

John Montgomery
John is a tax partner in KPMG’s Employment Tax Services Group.  John has over 22 years of experience specializing in employment taxes in a wide array of industries.  He specializes with clients in consulting and compliance services on all types of payroll and payroll tax related issues.  John assists clients with employment tax consulting and compliance services related to the movement of employees between legal entities, including corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, entity classification changes and liquidations.  These services include helping to ensure that a client is in compliance with all federal, state and local guidelines, including completing all necessary employment tax forms, with respect to withholding and unemployment taxes.

John’s expertise also extends to the review and implementation of multi-jurisdictional withholding policies, procedures, and capabilities for clients with a mobile workforce throughout the United States. He provides services related to employment tax controversy services at the federal, state and local level, notice resolutions, penalty and interest abatements, and all other issues associated with a client’s employment tax accounts, including the appropriate classification of individuals as an independent contractor or employee.
John is a member of the American Payroll Association.  He is a regular speaker at industry events and at KPMG’s national tax training.  He is CPA in New York.
Leann Balbona
Leann Balbona is a Tax Managing Director in KPMG’s Global Reward Services practice with more than 20 years in deployment of technology and services around global equity administration.   She has helped companies address the automation and tax efficiency around their incentive programs dealing with data flows and integration with client systems and share plan administrators while also addressing tax and regulatory matters. Leann has led efforts for integrations with many of the major share plan administrators to help clients further automate their programs and has used data and analytics to help companies address retention risk while retaining top talent.
Leann is a member of NASPP and serves on the Global Equity Organization Board. She is a regular speaker at trade conferences and national tax training.  Leann was inducted into the New York City YWCA Academy of Women Leaders in 2013 and recognized as a Fellow Global Equity (FGE) in 2019 for her efforts in the equity industry for automation and mobility. She is a CPA in New York and Texas.

Kerri McKenna
Kerri has been practicing in the global reward space for over 15 years.  Kerri has deep technical and broad practical experience advising companies on their global compensation and benefit plans.  She has designed and implemented numerous global reward plans for her clients while enhancing employee experience and maximizing operational compliance, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Kerri brings deep subject matter expertise in a number of compensation and benefit-related areas, including: design, implementation, taxation and administration of global equity compensation plans such as employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) and other incentive awards; global payroll taxation and operations; compensation and payroll matters related to corporate transactions and compliance for globally mobile workforces.  As her experience includes helping clients tackle some of the most complex tax, regulatory and operational issues facing global companies today, Kerri often works closely with Chief Human Resource Officers and Tax Directors to address various compensation and related HR issues that involve cross-functional stakeholders.

Kerri holds her CPA license from the State of Pennsylvania and has attained her Certified Payroll Professional (“CPP”) credential from the American Payroll Association (“APA”).  She has developed course content and spoken at the APA’s national conference for the last several years and is a regular speaker at other relevant industry conferences and meetings. In addition, Kerri has authored many relevant industry-related articles and publications.

Event Details

The COVID-19 challenge has caused major individual and business disruption across the world.  Some of the top priorities among employers are trying to balance liquidity, staff safety and retention.  While everyone is adapting to a “new normal,” key decisions will need to be made about how to operate within a continually changing environment. 

KPMG will also share the results of KPMG’s Global Reward Service spot survey regarding the impact of the COVID-19 situation on total rewards programs.

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