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NY/NJ: August 20, 2019 Chapter Meeting

August 20, 2019

8:30 am ET to 10:30am ET


Morgan Stanley
1585 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Trends in Financial Wellness Programs across Corporate America

Event Details

Financial stress among employees is a key contributor to reduced productivity, lower effectiveness and higher attrition.  Studies have shown that 53% of employees are stressed about their finances, 54% of all employees plan to postpone retirement and 48% of employees are distracted by their finances at work.

This presentation will discuss research conducted by a third party and Morgan Stanley around wellness offerings that address a range of needs designed to help reduced financial stress and empower employees to reach their financial goals.  And, highlight the different ways participants can engage with these programs to reach their financial goals. 
  1. Explore the implementation of Financial Wellness Programs
  2. Employee Engagement and strategies to increase engagement
  3. Approaches to Financial Wellness and measurement metrics
  4. Issuer Perspective on how important Financial Wellness programs are to both senior management and participants
  5. Panel will highlight different ways participants can engage with these programs to reach their financial goals.

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Free to all

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